Top 10 Romantic Movies for Valentine's Day

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We've all been there, chaps, Googling endless variations - valentine's gifts for her, romantic presents for her, valentine's presents for girlfriend and all the rest. So if you've come this far, don't give up on us now. Don't go running for the hills. Instead, 'man up' and treat your other half to some full-on romance this Valentine's Day.

Don't panic though, we're not suggesting you spend a small fortune on Michelin-starred meals, there's no need to sign up to dancing lessons, and we definitely don't think you should take out a second mortgage on 12 red flowers. No sir. We reckon the personal touch has a lot more going for it.

Here's what to do. Get yourself a personalised a bottle of champagne and a personalised box of chocolates, both featuring her name. It's a great way of tailoring something just for her. Then simply pick from one of these soppy films, light a few candles and snuggle on the sofa... with the personalised champagne and chocolates ready to go. We're talking serious brownie points.

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

First things first, there's that scene - the one in the cafe with Meg Ryan pretending to really enjoy herself. Then there's comedy legend Billy Crystal, not to mention Princess Leia. So whereas it's definitely one for the girls, it still has a few things thrown in to keep guys happy. Broadly speaking, it's a story about... surprise surprise Harry and Sally, two university graduates who meet when they carpool to New York. Over the coming years, and through the trials and tribulations of failed relationships, their previously prickly bond starts to resemble something closer to friendship. You can guess the rest - might there be a little more to it than just best pals...?

Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)

Okay, let's be honest here. If you'd be more inclined to wallop Hugh Grant than watch him, you're going to struggle with Four Weddings. It is, after all, a film with Grant at his charmingly befuddled best. That said, it's also a very funny, smart and well-acted piece of cinema, thanks in no small part to the film's premise. It follows thirty-somethings Charles and his group of friends as they go from one wedding to the next, drinking too much and generally talking rubbish. That is until, at the first wedding in the movie, Charles meets Carrie, played by Andie McDowell. After that, everything changes. To top it all off, the soundtrack includes Wet Wet Wet's cheesy ballad, Love Is All Around.

Ghost (1990)

It's got Demi Moore in it. But perhaps more poignantly, the late, great Patrick Swayze, too - the guy who gave us Point Break's Bodhi, one of the coolest movie criminals of all time. For that reason alone, we ought to cut him some slack with the rather girlie Ghost. Sam and Molly are very much in love, living the American Dream and enjoying a night out at the theatre. Returning home, Sam is murdered in a robbery gone wrong. Finding himself trapped as a ghost, he soon learns his death was no random act of violence and that his beloved Molly is in perilous danger. Unable to communicate with her, Sam uses psychic Oda Mae Brown - played by Whoopi Goldberg - to speak with his mourning missus.

An Officer and a Gentleman (1982)

Richard Gere. Why is it his characters are always these intense, brooding types? You never see him playing a systems analyst or anything like that, do you? An Officer and a Gentleman isn't any different. Here, Rich plays Zack Mayo, a man who enrolls as a trainee at a naval officers' school with the dream of flying jets. What else?! With his new girlfriend, Paula - played by Debra Winger - willing him on, and his tough-as-nails drill sergeant pushing him to the limit, can Mayo fulfill his dream? We've got a sneaky suspicion he will. The film's final scene, where Gere scoops up Winger to the tune of Joe Cocker's 'Up Where We Belong' has since been parodied in The Simpsons and Friends.

Casablanca (1942)

If you're not familiar with the timeless Casablanca, there's still a pretty good chance you'll recognise some of its famous bits. Quotes include "Here's looking at you, kid" and "Play it once, Sam. For old time's sake", while the song 'As Time Goes By' also comes from the movie. Even the younger among you will have heard of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. So what's it about? Well, Bogart stars as Rick Blaine, an American who runs a bar in the Moroccan city. He's one of those guys who's determined never to get involved with anyone. Until, that is, his old flame walks into the bar. Factor in a quality cast of Nazis, thieves and refugees, and even 'romance-a-phobes' are onto a winner.

Titanic (1997)

You'll never guess what? It didn't go well for the Titanic. And now you're going to spend the next three hours of your life knowing what happens at the end. But in among the pleasant sailing, a large iceberg and a sinking ship, James Cameron's epic flick also features a rather nice love story between Leo DiCaprio's poor-boy, Jack, and Kate Winslet's rich-girl, Rose. It's this story that, eighty-odd years later, is recounted by an elderly Rose. By the end, you'll be struggling to maintain dry eyes and a butch persona as you're left with one lingering question - why couldn't they have shared that piece of wood? They could've grown old together! *Sobs*.

Love Actually (2003)

Hugh's back. And this time he's joined by Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Alan Rickman and Bill Nighy. It's swooningly dishy stuff. But, guys, you at least get to console yourselves with Keira Knightley. Plus, the likes of Rowan 'Blackadder' Atkinson, Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton also crop up. As for the story, it follows eight very different couples in dealing with their love lives. Set in the frantic month before Christmas, each tale is loosely related, culminating in a good number of warm, fuzzy, happily-ever-afters at the end. It's definitely another one for the girls, but with a host of one-liners, you'd do well not to smile.

Dirty Dancing (1987)

"No one puts Baby in the corner." It's the line of the film, and one that makes girls over the age of 20 weak at the knees. In fact, the teeny flick with a naughty title melted the hearts of females the world over. A story of first love, the plot's simple. It's the summer of 1963 and Baby - played by Jennifer Grey - is off to a mountain holiday resort with her parents and sister. It's here that she meets the charismatic and entirely sexy Johnny Castle, played by Patrick Swayze (again). While teaching her how to dirty dance, they fall in love - kicking off a romantic tale filled with enough oestrogen to raise the Titanic. If only the course of true love ran smooth...

Pretty Woman (1990)

"We both screw people for money" remarks Edward, Richard Gere's ruthless businessman to Julia Roberts' newbie hooker, Vivian Ward. Charming, you might think. But what follows is a series of improbable events that make them realise just what's missing from their lives. No longer just another trick, Edward learns about a less cut-throat approach to his work, while Vivian gets a social education and the chance to start her life over. It's actually a reworking of My Fair Lady, so it's not exactly groundbreaking stuff. But the chemistry between the two leads makes it work, with Gere's knight in shining armour on the one hand, and Roberts' thigh-high boots on the other.

The Wedding Singer (1998)

If you really can't face an evening sat in front of an unadulterated chick flick, The Wedding Singer is the perfect compromise. The reason it's a great trade-off is because it's got the love story for her, plenty of guy-orientated jokes for you, and more Eighties nostalgia than playing Duck Hunt with The A-Team. The movie sees Adam Sandler's wedding singer, Robbie Hart, ditched at the altar on his very own wedding. Apparently unable to continue in his chosen profession, things only start to look up when Drew Barrymore's waitress, Julia Sullivan, enters the fray. What follows is a really sweet love story that never strays into 'cheesy' and even comes with a blast of the Miami Vice tune. What's not to like?

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