Top 10 Reality Programs that’s Got Me Hooked!

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Since the influx of digital TV, people can’t help but get hooked on their favorite television series or reality TV programs. It’s the latter genre – reality television – that boosts the fame of personalities like the Situation or made Simon Cowell a million-dollar earning Brit. With digital TV allowing programs like these to shine even more with crystal-clear images and better sound, it’s no wonder why we sometimes feel like life is an imitation of reality TV shows.

My List of Top 10 Reality Programs

Digital TV or not, reality programs have become a staple part of our television viewing experience. These shows purportedly have unscripted dramatic scenes which portray the ‘everyday lives’ of the cast, when in fact the situations are staged to turn events into storylines. Yet another aspect of digital TV-reality program watching is a behind-the-scenes look at a competition.

Check out my top ten list of the reality programs that’s got me hooked since day 1:

1. American Idol

I didn’t get the American Idol fever until season 3 when I heard about goofball contestant William Hung whose dance moves for his “She Bangs” audition piece became a viral hit. That was when Fantasia Barrino faced off with LaToya London and Jennifer Hudson. From then on, I was hooked on this reality TV which showcases the contestants’ pipes – or lack thereof.

2. America’s Next Top Model

Sure, Tyra Banks may have yet to produce a real top model, but the reality show features wannabe models living under the same roof, strutting their stuff on the runways and on photographs. This really is can’t miss reality TV.

3. Big Brother

For three months, fifteen strangers will live under one roof under the watchful eyes of cameras, with their every move being dictated by Big Brother. It’s interesting enough that these people are living totally isolated from the outside world – but when you put in a few challenges along the way, it makes for really great reality TV.

4. Jersey Shore

Snooki’s pouf, “The Situation”, the tanned bodies and the seemingly unscripted fights. No matter what you may think of this bunch of housemates who first graced digital TV sets on 2009, it’s hard to look away because you really want to see what the cast will be up to next.

5. Master Chef

I absolutely love shows which have anything to do with food – and when it’s combined with reality TV, it’s no wonder why I got hooked! Master Chef is originally a UK TV series but it had its US spinoff just this year. With Gordon Ramsay firing off his sharp tongue to aspiring chefs who usually have to go through pressure cooker tests, it is one of the best food-oriented reality TV shows out there.

6. Project Runway

Whether you’re a fashionista or not, you can’t help but get hooked in this Heidi Klum hosted series where a group of aspiring designers showcase their creations to be shown off by real models on the runway.

7. Survivor

Survivor is the quintessential reality TV show which started in 2000. No matter which part of the world the survivors are taken, you cannot help but have your eyes glued onto the lives of seeming castaways who would do almost everything to survive on the island – while also having a chance to win the prize money.

8. The Bachelor

Whether you’re a cynic when it comes to love or a hopeless romantic, you cannot help but get hooked in what The Bachelor dating reality TV show has to offer. With one man’s quest of finding a woman to marry comes group dates, hot tub makeout sessions, cat fights, overnight dates in exotic locations and meeting the bachelor’s family. To cap it all off, the season finale ends with the bachelor getting down on one knee and proposing to the woman who he’s chosen to marry.

9. The Apprentice

With Donald Trump at the helm, you cannot help but get caught up in all the corporate drama that the hit show “The Apprentice” has to offer. It’s also the one digital TV show which has people uttering the words “You’re fired” with relish.

10. The Amazing Race

Finally, there’s the exciting Amazing Race which takes coupled contestants on a journey around the world. Their mission is to arrive at pit stops to win prizes and not get eliminated, until they reach the final leg to win the grand prize of a million dollars.

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