Top 10 Most Famous Accidental Discoveries

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You know some of the most popular things what we are using now are discovered accidentally, without knowing that these things may get more popular in future. For example from crispy potato chips to life saving Penicillin.

There are many discoveries held but below are the 10 accidental discoveries ever get popular worldwide.

10. Potato Chips

Now we are enjoying potato chips but you know the story behind the birth of potato chips, they are invented accidentally when an annoying customer ordered in a restaurant that his French fries need to be very thinner and crispier. The chef got irritated and sliced the potatoes thinner than wafers and roasted as a joke, but the guy loved that crispy fries a lot then potato chips were born.

9. Non Stick Pans – Teflon

The great chemist Roy Plunkett was doing an experiment to find new CFCs, but instead he created unknown white flakes. These flakes having high melting point. Because of this nature this lubricant nowadays applied to all non-stick pans.

8. Microwave oven

While Percy Spencer doing an experiment with radar related vacuum tube, he unexpectedly observed that a candy on his pocket started melting. He utilised the experiment and patented the microwave. In this way the birth of microwave oven happened.

7. Cornflakes

John and Will Kellogg these two people discover the unbeatable breakfast ever. They left a pot of boiled grain on the stove for a number of days accidentally, when they opened found flakes in the pot.

6. Matchsticks

John walker a British Pharmacist was stirring his chemicals, while stirring he noticed a dried piece on the end of the stirring stick. This piece trying to scratch it off, consistently sparked a flame, he utilised the idea to invent the proper matchstick.

5. Safety Glass

Édouard Bénédictus who is a Chemist, while he is working on his lab, unexpectedly the glass flask dropped on the floor but didn’t splinter into many pieces. Because of the glass lined with plastic cellulose nitrate at it inside. He patented on that glass, now we are all used in many ways like gas masks, glass for car and many.

4. Post-its

In the year 1968 Spencer Silver discovered 'low tack' adhesive, but he consider that have no use. Art Fry was got irritated with not having sticky notes for his church books. They added both two and launched post-its successfully in 1980.

Now we are using every where to note anything on it.

3. Slinkies

A naval engineer Richard Jones was doing an experiment on tension springs for battle ships, while doing experiment one of the spring dropped on the floor. It kept dancing on the floor as slinkies, then these are get popular now every kid enjoying with this slinkies.

2. Play doh

Initially sticky toy was promoted as wall cleaner but it didn’t get successful marker instead kids started this product to make little sculptures, then the fledgling company started making children’s toys.

1. Penicillin

As all we know that sir Alexander Fleming discovered the great medicine. He discovered the medicine after giving up his medical experiment, he noticed that a mold on an old Petri dish which was smashing down the bacteria around it. He discovered that it enclosed the antibiotic Penicillin.
This is the story of how simple things got fame in future. If you have an idea on anything like above discoveries just go through the experiment to make the history.

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