Top 10 Household Products You Should Rent

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With the rise in VAT, purchasing household goods may be too far out of your financial reach. However, there will undoubtedly be some items you'll need this year, which is why renting may be the best option for you. Here are 10 household items you may want to look into renting in 2011.

1. The first item you may be considering is a new TV. However, despite the sales, they remain one of the most expensive purchases you can make. By renting, you can have the latest technology at an affordable monthly rate.

2. You may also want to rent a new DVD player to accompany your TV rental, as you can then enjoy watching all the DVDs you picked up over Christmas.

3. Alternatively, you may be ready to upgrade your home entertainment system by renting a new blu ray player to achieve the best quality.

4. If you're ready for a new fridge freezer, buying one could prove to be too expensive at the moment. Renting could allow you to have a top of the range fridge freezer at a manageable rate.

5. Another white goods item that may be ideal for renting is a new washing machine. If you've been using a laundrette for your washing, it may offer greater convenience and long-term savings.

6. You may also want to rent a new drier, so your washing isn't taking up space in your home once it's clean. Again, it's likely to be more economically viable than visiting a laundrette.

7. If you hate washing up and have the space in your kitchen, a new dish washer may be a very useful rental item.

8. One less expensive, but no less popular rental item is a new blender. Affording the best on the market may be too much with the VAT so high, but renting may be more achievable.

9. At the other end of the scale, replacing your cooker can be the most expensive purchase of all. Renting could allow you to get the cooker you've always wanted.

10. Microwaves are a must for any kitchen, but if buying one doesn't make sense, why not turn to renting for a more sensible option?

TV rental and other household rental, may be the best option for the year ahead. So if you're looking to rent a TV, make sure you find a supplier that has a great range to choose from.

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