Top 10 Greatest Romance Novels of all Time

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Best Romantic Novels of all time you asked?

Have you read Ashita? No, when will you? This book is unlike any literature, romance or spiritual novels which are dim-a-dozen in grocery stores and Barns-&-Nobles. So many redundant stories I have read, so many emotional tales have been marketed by publisher, but a truly earth shaking story comes once every twenty to thirty years, and Ashita is one of those stories written by author Kapiel Raaj. The question that needs to be asked, what makes a stand alone romantic novel that can not only entertain a reader, but change the most unlikely personality? Well, just ask Paulo Coelho, the master of lust, romance and spirituality. His novels are not just about love, they are about the tiny moments that we all experience in love, moments which we can not talk about, describe or share, but they are there. Things we talk about in private with our lover but never to the world, and the things we think about after the first date, or the first kiss. The small detail makes the big difference in making a story a success or failure. Ashita takes those moments and gestures to new heights, because the author presents in such a way, that is unique for its ear, nevertheless, most effective. As Americans we may think at first the story doesn’t relate to us, because the story is about a Muslim girl and Hindu man, but it’s not about the specific identity of a relationship, but a universal theme that talks about interreligious love. More information on this novel can be found at

What is the story of Aashita?

Ashita was Adtiya’s soul, who left him for another man due to religious reasons and pressure from her family. A woman like Ashita came once every hundred years thought Aditya. She made him the man he was today; but Ashita’s life was now in god's hands, and no one could do anything about it. But when Aditya finds out about her, he challenges god and his will. But what can Aditya do? He’s just an ordinary man.

Most people will disagree with this list below, but I say it’s about personal choice. For me, what hits home is a story of not just fiction, but something that has been experienced in real life. Ashita is not juts a fictional story, but what makes it so romantic, is that it’s based on true events of the author’s life. Over 80% of all best selling romantic novels have had a small piece of the author’s life. Like the novel ‘Kit Runner’, it wasn’t just a fictional tale of two friends who came back together by destiny in Afghanistan, but it was the real life that the author experienced in his childhood. Not just romantic novels, but thrillers, horror and successful mystery novels had some touch of the author’s real life and its substance.

I will lay down my top 9 greatest romantic novels of all time, because number one is Ashita in my list.

2. The Kite Runner

By Khaled Hosseini

3. The Bride

By Julie Garwood

4. McKenzie's Mountain

By Linda Howard

5. Rogue

By Danielle Steel

6. Brida

By Paulo Coelho

7. Pride & Prejudice

By Jane Austen

8. Gone With The Wind

By Margaret Mitchell

9. The Great Gatsby

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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