Top 10 Aussie VoIP Myths

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VoIP started out as a techie buzz word for terminating phone calls using the Internet. The technology is no longer something that should be confined to the realm of nerdhood, VoIP is a viable technology for both businesses and residential users can take advantage of without needing advanced technical knowledge. To help non-technical people to embrace VoIP as an every-day technology, we list the top ten misconceptions that many providers come across when discussing VoIP.

1. You need a computer to make VoIP phone calls FALSE
All you need to make VoIP calls is a normal telephone, an ATA, which is a little box that you plug your phone into, and a broadband connection. No computer is needed.

2. You cannot receive calls using VoIP FALSE
When you sign up for a VoIP service, you are allocated a real geographic phone number that can receive calls like a regular telephone service.

3. You need to dial codes to get cheap calls FALSE
You can simply dial the number you want to call without the need for override codes.

4. VoIP calls are poor quality FALSE
The quality of VoIP calls depends on your provider, equipment and broadband connection quality. If everything is setup properly, your calls could sound better than your traditional phone calls.

5. You need to make a lot of long distance calls to save money with VoIP FALSE
Even if you don't make long distance phone calls, if you make more than $10 to $15 of phone calls above line rental you'll save money. If you have a ‘capped' plan with a major telco with so-called ‘unlimited calls', make sure you look at the fair use policy for your plan to see if you are really getting value for money.

6. With VoIP I won't be able to dial ‘000' in an emergency FALSE
All telephone providers including VoIP are required to enable free calls to 000 in an emergency. In case of a power failure or Internet outage, you should be able to use your normal landline phone instead. Most ATAs will automatically fall back to your landline in this case. A UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) can protect your VoIP system from power failure and having a secondary Internet connection can protect you from connectivity issues.

7. You have to change your phone number FALSE
You can connect your ATA to your existing phone line, as well as your internet connection. That means you can have two telephone numbers connected to the one telephone handset. Some providers also allow you to transfer your existing landline number to your VoIP provider, usually for a fee.

8. You can only call other VoIP users FALSE
Hardware VoIP (using a normal telephone connected to an ATA) allows you to call any phone line or mobile in the world.

9. You don't get as much of the extra functionality that you do with landline services FALSE
VoIP services can do as much as a traditional landline phone and more! Because VoIP is data based, the technology is naturally more flexible to facilitate a vast array of features, mostly free, that would previously stack up on your traditional phone bill. One example of this is being able to have recorded messages and missed calls sent to your email address.

10. You need to be tech savvy to use a VoIP service FALSE
VoIP is very easy to use and operate. Once the service is set up, you simply use the telephone like a regular service; by dialling the number using your telephone handset and using the extra functions on the handset as you would your landline.

Some Australian VoIP Facts

A survey conducted by ACMA in December of 2009 reports that more than 80% of VoIP users surveyed were either satisfied or very satisfied with their service. At the end of June 2009, Sensis reported that 20 per cent of SMEs had used VoIP services.
An IDC survey indicates that 25 per cent of companies had moved to an IP telephone/IP PBX solution, with 46% of respondents claiming the reason was for call cost savings. This was followed by ‘IP PBX hardware cost is cheaper' and ‘lower maintenance and support costs'; both at around 10 per cent

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