Tooth Discoloration What Are Symptoms and Treatment

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Discoloration of teeth is becoming such a common cosmetic problem among these days. Reasons applied for such disease are following poor dental hygiene, tobacco use, and various types of food have led to the increasing discoloration of teeth. The problem is even though widespread that now it forms a big part of the services offered at dental clinics.

Cause of Discoloration of Teeth
Some main causes of discoloration can be though effectively bracketed in to two types- discoloration through stains and discoloration throughout alteration in the tooth material. Further for the type of discoloration which takes further really place can be of the three following types:
* Intrinsic discoloration: In this type of discoloration the inner dentin really gets stained due to different causes.
* Extrinsic discoloration: In this form of discoloration the enamel of teeth gets variably stained.
* Discoloration related to age: As we all grow old both the above mentioned factors that work together to bring about discoloration of teeth.

Diagnosis of Teeth Discoloration
Diagnosis of discoloration can be effectively done by merely looking at the teeth. The signs of discoloration of teeth are relatively visible. Discoloration frequently begins with either the yellowing of the teeth or though appearance of white streak on the teeth. In cases wherein the enamel is so worn off the yellow tinge can be that seen penetrating the dentin as well.

Diagnosis of Teeth Discoloration
Treatment for discoloration depends all upon the factors that caused discoloration in the very first place. If some types of food and lack of dental hygiene caused discoloration even for then it can be removed over a period of time by a professional cleaning. This would include further use of a bleaching agent to remove the stains. Further cleaning can be better ensured by taking proper care of teeth. This would so include proper brushing, regular flossing and a correct way of eating meals.

Dentists regularly use a bleaching gel to remove stain from teeth. They apply the gel on the affected area and then leave it for about 45 minutes. The gel is then rinsed off to reveal sparkling to white teeth.

Bleaching can help if only the enamel is provably stained. However but if the stain has penetrated the dentin then other methods have to be adopted to get rid of the stain. Usually a veneer or a crown would there have to be placed to hide the stains. These can be also used to conceal broken or chipped teeth.

Tooth Discoloration Home Remedy Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Teeth enamel discoloration as already stated can be caused by staining, aging, or chemical damage to teeth. Tooth Discoloration disease is also known as Darkening of the teeth. several common causes of Tooth Discoloration are medications, coffee, tea or cigarettes. Improper brushing right before and after the meal and diseases may also cause though discoloration. Apple Cider Vinegar is further helpful for removing the symptoms of Tooth Discoloration. Apple Cider Vinegar or else known simply as cider vinegar or ACV or acetic acid is all made from cider or apple must, and is often sold unfiltered that with a brownish-yellow color; it often contains mother of vinegar.

For more useful information visit Teeth Discoloration of Teeth and Tooth Discoloration Herbal Remedy
For more useful information visit Teeth Discoloration of Teeth and Tooth Discoloration Herbal Remedy

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