Tooth Aligners: Modern Orthodontic Tools in Los Angeles

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Your friend always complains about her dental braces. She says they are need constant maintenance and are unattractive. The wires affect her speech and facial structure. Her lips protrude because of the brackets. However, she has no choice but to wear these devices; otherwise, she wonít enjoy the benefits of having properly-aligned teeth. Hence, she continues to endure the pain and inconvenience of dental braces.

Tooth misalignment is caused by several factors. It may be a result of childhood habits such as thumb-sucking, as well as displacement of tooth structures. As one grows up, more teeth emerge on the gums. A displaced tooth affects the position of other teeth. In some cases, tooth misalignment is hereditary. You may have acquired buckteeth from your parents or grandparents.

The installation of orthodontic braces is the conventional remedy for teeth misalignment. Dental braces, made from ceramic or metal, slowly force teeth into the proper position and alignment. Some patients complain about the inconvenience of dental braces on the lips and mouth. Therefore, dentists have devised modern orthodontic tools that work similarly to ceramic and metal brackets. In Los Angeles, dentists use teeth aligners for orthodontic treatment.

Teeth aligners, invisalign Los Angeles, are made from plastic and resin materials. They are placed on the teeth to even out teeth alignment. Unlike metal brackets, teeth aligners are mostly inconspicuous. They are clear plastic caps that fit snugly on the teeth. These alignersí translucent structure helps the wearer enjoy normal tooth appearance.

How are teeth aligners installed on the teeth? During consultation, dentists create an impression of the patientís teeth. The dentist makes a 3D image of the patientís teeth and develops a simulated treatment plan for teeth realignment. Based on this, they fabricate plastic dental models. Plastic dental models are solidified, cleaned, cured, and reformed. After this, dentists place the teeth aligners, like an invisalign Los Angeles, over the patientís teeth to see if the aligners fit perfectly.

One advantage of teeth aligners over dental braces is convenience. You can easily remove these aligners before eating or before brushing your teeth. Aside from this, teeth aligners, like an invisalign Los Angeles, can be easier to fabricate and install. A dentist can install teeth aligners in less than two consultations.

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