Tools That Should Be In Aluminum Tool Cases

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Every DIY person knows the importance of having tool cases loaded with as many tools to be ready for any possible task that could arise. However, what is commonly seen that is people use the wrong tool cases and have the wrong type of tools at home. The result is that despite spending hundreds of dollars they are never fully prepared for half the tasks they thought they were prepared for. As a guide only aluminum tool cases should be used to store away everyday tools that should consist of:

Screw Drivers

It does not make any sense having just one type of screwdriver in aluminum tool cases. Homeowners are encouraged to have flat blade screwdrivers, clutch head screwdrivers, square shank screwdrivers, electric screwdrivers, phillips head screwdrivers, offset screwdriver, tack claw screwdriver, torx screwdriver, triple square, ratchet screwdriver and The Robertson screwdriver. There are cases in which only the flat base screwdriver and Phillips head screwdrivers are the most common ones that are used at home due to the fact that most appliances and accessories come with these type of screws. On the other hand it never hurts to include the other types of screwdrivers that are mentioned so as to be able to apply different torque to screws that require it.

Spanners and Wrenches

Spanners and wrenches are also used quite often in many households. However, it is important to bear in mind that spanners differ and are made to be used for different nuts and as such should be bought in different sizes and shapes. If you are thinking about filling your aluminum tool cases with spanners then the most common ones that should be present are: 'C' spanner, box spanner, bulldog spanner, offset ring spanner, split ring spanner, ring spanner, tap spanner and adjustable spanners. Wenches are also handy tools that should not be left out of any aluminum tool cases. The popular types include: pipe wrenches, mole wrench, stilson wrench, footprint wrench and torque wrench.


Many people believe that there is only one type of hammer on the market and that all a hammer is used to do is to hit somewhere. However, there are many hammers on the market that come in different sizes and shapes. For aluminum tool cases the best types of hammers to have are: Joiner's Mallet, Cross Pein Pin Hammer, Ball Pein, Cross and Straight Pein. Hammers such as club hammers and sledge hammers are generally too large and heavy for aluminum tool cases and as such are better stored in another area.

Sandpaper and Abrasives

Sandpaper can be used on areas that have been exposed to years of wear and tear from dust and other external elements. The use of this type of material is recommendable on areas that are not easily scratched and that do not have a tendency of leaving back scratched marks. Some of the popular types of sandpaper that should be in aluminum tool cases are:sheets sandpaper, Roll sandpaper, garnet paper and silicon carbide paper. The types of sandpaper and abrasives that are mentioned are usually used for specific tasks that most homeowners are not exposed to; however, for the DIY person that prefers helping himself around the house the list can prove to be handy depending on the task at hand.

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