Toll Free Numbers for Your Small Business

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The basic attraction of toll-free numbers for small business is the customers and other business associates can make calls without the need to pay for them. This can mean customers will be encouraged to call more frequently leading to greater customer interaction and that will help you develop a constant rapport with them.

Small businesses have come to realize that this service serves as powerful marketing tool and as such, the use of these numbers is steadily on the increase. In fact, today many customers have come to expect businesses to have this service and the business enterprises that are without this service are usually ignored by prospective buyers.

Consumer research surveys have conclusively shown that intending buyers, when confronted with a choice of multiple suppliers, invariably contact businesses that have this service. This apart, customers also believe that small businesses that have this service are better established, more stable and reliable and feel confident dealing with them.

This service is boon to small businesses that have a lot of field staff and employees who travel frequently. They can keep in regular touch with the office or access their voice mail, free from fear of mounting telephone bills.

Most consumers are familiar with 800 toll-free prefix and not quite aware of this service. For this reason, small businesses using less familiar toll free numbers like 888 or 877 should prominently indicate in their advertisements and other promotional literature that the number is toll-free to generate customer responses.

There are a host of useful options that small business, planning to acquire this service, will find useful. For instance, you can choose to block calls originating from areas where your business has no operations.

Assuming you have multiple numbers directed to the same location, there is the dialed number identification service (DNIS) that will help you know which number the caller has dialed. This will be highly useful if you wish to track responses from any particular ad campaign.

The automatic number identification (ANI) facility provides caller ID for toll-free numbers. Many small businesses will find this advantageous.

When anyone calls your toll free number, the call can be forwarded to a number you designate - your office phone line, or your mobile phone, or any other convenient phone number.

You can use access codes with your toll-free number. This means you can allow access only to callers who insert the correct code. This is immensely useful if you wish to reserve a number for certain select clients or for a set of your own employees calling from outside.

As a matter of fact, you can use your existing phone lines for toll-free service. But businesses that attract a high volume of incoming calls can consider buying a dedicated line that only receives inbound toll-free calls. Buying a dedicated line will certainly prove cost-effective in the long run.

Small businesses wishing to acquire this service can contact some frontline toll-free number service providers like RingCentral. In fact, RingCentral's toll free number works as a virtual PBX system and subscribers can choose any prefix like 800, 888, 877, 866, or even a vanity number.

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