Toll Free Numbers – Made Stronger with Google Voice

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Everyone knows how strong a marketing campaign can be with toll free numbers. There are many benefits - image, company stability, branding the company, reaching out to customers and even insider benefits such as coded lines, answering machines and easier way to handle customer services. Other companies even hire call centers to make sure that their customer service department is handled by professionals and the benefits of toll free numbers would not go to waste.
Another business technique for companies with a need for high technology, Google Voice presents a Skype like experience. With many features that can help in making business easier and cutting company expenses, along with toll free numbers, Google Voice presents as an appropriate partner for the toll free number.
A toll free number is a powerful marketing technique that allows the caller to dial the company's number and contact the staff without having to spend anything in the process. One of the common techniques to attracting customers, toll free numbers work along well with vanity numbers and call centers for the ultimate customer service experience.

Google Voice, on the other hand, is described as the enhanced version of Skype, a phone system embedded with business tools and features like an emailed voicemail, low cost international calls, customizable voicemail greetings, conference calling, call recording, call screening and call blocking and can also act as an mobile phone that can send, receive and store SMS messages.
Combined, both Google Voice and toll free numbers can provide an all in one system for customer service and business relations. Unfortunately, because Google Voice is still in the testing period and requires an invitation to experience its features as well as it does not offer a direct line to a custom toll free number, the only way to it is to be invited through Google's website and possibly use a private direct line connecting to a toll free number and Google Voice.
For businesses looking to cut back costs, make risks to be competitive with an updated technological system and find an easier way to increase profits and ROI, raise response rates and at the same time, brand the company and build credibility, toll free numbers and Google Voice can be your medium. While toll free numbers build a strong brand for your company, Google Voice will ease the way through communication between company and customer whether online or international.

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