Toll Free 800 and Local Numbers

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Toll free 800 and local phone numbers can help establish an excellent reputation for your small business enterprise. Your company will emerge as one that offers superior customer services.

Toll free 800 and local numbers which are part of a hosted PBX phone system, you can efficiently receive and manage the calls to your existing phone numbers. Your callers are provided the same kind of interface as that found in expensive phone systems that are part of the communication network in big conglomerates. Interesting features include auto attendant, find me follow me call forwarding, call waiting, caller identity, music on hold, voicemail, fax to email and more.

Extremely beneficial option for your business

The significant benefits of toll free 800 and local numbers is that it is possible to establish virtual business presence in any desired location without creating physical offices. When you expand your business, any number of extension lines can be added to the existing phone numbers.

Since callers are not charged for calls made to these toll-free 800 numbers, you are bound to receive more calls. Calls to these numbers are attended with suitable greeting messages and are redirected to the right destinations. Calls can also be forwarded to your alternate phone numbers, including cell numbers. This ensures that you remain in contact with your clients and workforce all the time. Unanswered calls are redirected to the voicemail system, where the callers can leave voice messages. This is a remarkable facility which helps avoid missed calls from important clients.

A Hassle-free and Affordable Option

The hosted PBX phone system offering toll free and local numbers can be implemented without actually setting up costly equipment in your premises. The service provider maintains the required equipment and offers the PBX services through a hosted server using high bandwidth Internet connection or dedicated telephone network. The PBX services are shared among a number of users and can therefore be utilized at reasonable monthly charges.

AccessDirect provides toll free numbers and local phone numbers as part of hosted PBX phone service. Our hosted PBX phone system comes with auto attendant, voicemail, fax mail, and find me follow me call forwarding.

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