Tofu diet for a slimmer you

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Tofu is considered as a nutritional powerhouse because it is one of the highest and complete vegetarian sources of protein. It is delicious and is very versatile for it can be eaten as a post exercise snack or as a main dish during supper. You may think that tofu as very light food to make you feel full. According to the study from Louisiana State University, tofu is indeed capable of making a person feel full. Tofu is also a well-known appetite quashing protein. When you have tofu as an appetizer, you will tend to eat less food every meal. That is why most dieting people go for tofu during their weight loss process.

Tofu is a soy product which is very rich in protein as well as in other nutrients. It could be used as a substitute for meat for vegetarian people. It could also be added to a variety of dishes and it could also be served as a simple main dish. Soy foods provide a lot of health benefits like healthy bones, leaner muscles, good heart health and it could also prevent certain types of cancer from occurring. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition conducted a study which showed that people who included tofu in their daily diet has a 12% cholesterol drop. The study

proved that there should be 20 to 25 grams of tofu in a dieter's daily meal in order to effectively
lose weight.

Soy proteins are also very beneficial for women who are between 40 to 70 years of age. This is because vegetarian sources of protein maintain a good bone health throughout the first few years after the menopausal stage.

Two kinds of tofu:
1. Silken.This kind of soy protein food is usually very soft and it could easily fall apart and be crushed. Silken tofu is best used in making creamy dressings and sauces as well as in other food with smooth fillings like cheese cakes. It could also be blended with any fruit combination and is usually suited for dishes like dessert custards.

2. Regular. Regular tofu is firm and when cooked, it shows a golden brown color. Regular tofu is usually combined with vegetable salads because it has a scrumptious taste that would best fit that snack. Most people eat regular type of tofu during their weight loss process because it is much convenient and affordable than silken tofu.

You could implement tofu in your daily diet thru the following:
1. Stir-fry tofu. With this kind of dish, use regular tofu. Drain the water and cut the tofu into chunks. Stir-fried tofu absorbs the flavor of spices and sauces which makes it tastier.
2. Braise tofu. You could braise tofu and serve it with vegetables. You could also add some seasonings and spices for added flavor.
3. Tofu soup. You could cut firm tofu into chunks and add it to almost any variety of soup.
4. Scrambled tofu. Sounds new? Yes, you could really scramble tofu and use it as an alternative for scrambled eggs. You have to use silken tofu and cook it just like what you usually do in cooking scrambled eggs. You could also add some spices and sauces for additional taste.
5. Tofu in pies and cakes. You could also boost extra protein in your regular pie and cake recipes. Blend the soft tofu well before adding it to your pastry recipes.

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