To see probably the largest collection of wall murals you have to go to the Stanzas in the Vatican.

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To see probably the largest collections of wall murals in the world you have to go to the Stanza della Segnatura in the Vatican.

The Stanze di Raffaello or ‘Raphael Rooms’ make up a suite of rooms in the Vatican which are open to the public. These contain wall murals of the painter Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino) There are four rooms with wall murals depicting various scenes.

The Sala di Costantino which is the largest of the four rooms. The wall murals depict the victory of Cristianity over paganism. The four wall murals are ‘The vision of the Cross’, The Battle of Mivian Bridge’ The Donation Of Constantine’ and ‘The Baptism of Constantine’.

The Stanza di Eliodoro wall murals that were painted between 1511 and 1514 depicted the heavenly protection given to the Church by Christ.
Once again there are four wall murals:
‘The Expulsion of Heliodorus from the Temple’ which pictures Heliodorus who was preserved in the temple after he had been sent to sieze the treasures. But after the prayers of the preiest an angelic rider chased him from the temple.

The second of the wall murals is ‘The Mass at Bolsena’ . This shows the scene when in 1263 a Bohemian Priest saw the miracle of the bread at its consecration begin to bleed.
The third of the wall murals is the ‘ The Meeting of Pope Leo I and Atilla’. As well as the meeting between the Pope and Atilla the Hun the wall murals include the famed images of the Saints Peter and Paul.
The last of the wall murals is ‘The Deliverence of Saint Peter from prison’ which shows Paul being freed from prison by an Angel. This is described in Acts12.

The Stanza della Segnatura
This room was the first to be decorated. With all the rooms having a theme for the wall murals it gives a different atmosphere to each room. The room of the ‘Signatura’ has the theme of worldly and spiritual wisdom which is apt as this room was the council chamber where most of the papal documents were signed and sealed.
Again there are four large wall murals. The first of the wall murals is the ‘Disputation of the Holy Sacrament’ which was painted in 1508. Here Raphael presented the Church spanning the heavens and the earth. The second of the wall murals is ‘The school of Athens’ painted in 1509 which is probably the most famous of Raphaels wall murals.

The third of the wall murals is ‘The Parnassus’ painted in 1509. It shows the god Apollo and the ‘Muses’ surrounded by poets from antiquity and Raphaels contemporaries.
The last of the wall murals in this room is ‘The Cardinal Virtues’ painted in 1511, represents the virtues of fortitude prudence and temperance.

The Stanza dell’incendio del Borgo
The last of the rooms was originally meant as a music room for Leo X and depicts events from his life and Leo IV.

Even after his death, the work on the wall murals carried on. He had created a studio of artists and they continued his work. The artists Penni,del Colle and Romano painted the wall murals in the Sala di Costantino.

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