To force Golden Porsche

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63rd Cannes Film Festival Palme d'Or trophy Wedding Jewellery †brand Chopard by the effort to build, crystal clear texture Smart tempting!

To force Golden Porsche
The hands of the palace buildings built in the gold ring is a French designer Philippe Tournaire of well-designed, thanks to his wild notion, each inspired by different gold rings are different from the palaces, villages, and buildings. Fashion Jewellery brand Tournaire also promised, as long as you like, you want a house which was built in the hand, they are tailor-made for you to meet your needs. Try not fast? "Violence" Li weapons, the British woman's luxury jewelry brand Garrard is offering a large gun strap, the world's limited 4. Victoria Beckham one of a collection, do not know what occasion she would pull out the gun that the jewelry? Eye-catching Big Ben

Mercedes-Benz cars are a lot of people dream of things, the crystal and the Mercedes-Benz has put together look like it? Look Zheliang studded with 300,000 crystals in total, worth millions of dollars in Mercedes-Benz SL600 it! Driving such a car to go out, do not think the line is not eye-catching!

IPhone the most luxurious
British jewelry making supplies designer Stuart Hughes in particular for the current hottest Apple iPhone4 a tailored version of the diamond luxury, decorated by a large number of precious diamonds, so that the price of the aircraft has reached five million pounds is huge, about 53 million RMB per month, called the world's most expensive mobile phones.
Platinum Platinum Robot Robot "up" to the birth in 1979 animation "Mobile Suit Gundam" in the modeled robot made up. 20 years of the popular cartoon character for the whole body with purity platinum Pt1000 produced, valued at approximately $ 250,000. To time the passage of time, platinum recall childhood. Cannes luxury trophy

Alexander led his army of Napoleon and St. Petersburg, Russia a PK extravagant chess come out, the chess piece is the 1812 Franco-Russian war as the background, Napoleon and Alexander I were led his army PK.

Pair of chess may be the most expensive so far, the most artistic value of chess, the pieces in order, such as white jade, black jade, gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, sapphires and other Handmade Jewellery crafted. The most expensive perfume bottle which is the world's most expensive bottle of perfume. Donald Edge of the bottle with diamonds, gold, pearls as the main material, estimated selling price of about $ 2,000,000.

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