Tired Of The STUFFY Big Cities in UAE?

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Then this movie is definitely for you. 'Did You Hear About The Morgan's?' can take you away from UAE's heavy traffic, unnecessary honking, boring daily routines and let you experience the joys of slow primitive living. ‘Did You Hear About The Morgan's?' releases on the 28th of January, 2010 in UAE.

Hugh Grant does well playing this type of role as always- the stuttering, puzzled, but all in all a humble guy. He (Paul Morgan) is a famed lawyer married to a real estate agent (Meryl). However, the Morgan's are unable to deal with their marital problems. When they are forced to live in Wyoming due to a Witness Protection Program arranged by the government, we really start to enjoy this movie.

The place they are sent to in Wyoming is called Ray. Now Ray is a small rural town. What to expect there? Grizzly bears, few restaurants, many cows, ranches, horses, enthusiastic hunters and meat stacked in the fridge at all times. In spite of being thorough city slickers, the Morgan's still make an attempt at primitive chores. This movie may not epitomize great art but it does make a lot of sense if we apply its idea to our busy lives. It helps us realize what we have missed while concentrating too much on work life.

Big cities everywhere especially in UAE are indeed stuffy… So take a break from all your worries by enjoying this funny romantic movie with your friends or your spouse. Book your tickets to 'Did You Hear About The Morgan's?' soon, as it releases on the 28th of January in UAE.

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