Tips to Turn Your Straight Hair to Wavy Fast

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Do you want to get sexy wavy hair like Jessica Simpson or Rachel Bilson? From Hollywood movies to latest fashion shows, wavy hair is everywhere. Although fashion wigs online are easily available from wholesale wigs and hairpieces online suppliers now, to style a hot wavy hair as soon as possible is still desired by many women. Wavy hair is hot, hot, hot. It is a look that isn't about to go out of style anytime soon. If your are frustrated with your straight hair, here is your saviour. Today, letís introduce several tips to turn your straight hair to wavy within 20 minutes or less.

At first, you should make preparation work. Comb your dry hair out. Remove any tangles and make sure all of your hair hangs straight down. Make sure all your hair is smooth. Then, separate the hair into three or four sections with your hand or a comb. And spritz dry hair with a texturizing spray gel. Don't saturate the hair, just spray a light coat of gel over it.

Then letís turn to the key point. Generally, we have two ways to make our hair wavy, by braiding and by pinning. Letís talk about them one by one now.

The first one, braid your hair to make waves. Grab one section of hair and braid it, starting close to the scalp. If you want light, full waves, braid the hair so that it is neither loose nor tight. If you want tight waves, braid the hair as tightly as possible. The bends in the hair will become the waves. Spray each braid with thermal-protecting spray. Flat-iron the braid to lock in the spray. Unbraid the hair after 15 minutes. Ok, your hair will now be wavy.

The second one, pin your hair up to make waves. Grab one section and place one finger along the base of that section, next to your scalp. Twist the section around your finger. Then pin it with a bobby pin or other hairpin. (Repeat the process for the other sections. With practice, you should be able to complete the steps in under five minutes.) Spray the hair lightly with hairspray. Remove the hairpins after 15 minutes and shake the waves free. Smooth them out with your fingers. Ok, wavy hair is got.

Follow these tips to create a hot wavy hairstyle right now. Your elegance and sexy can be blown up by your hot hair immediately. If your are still too busy or lazy to put these tips through,wigs online would be your best choice because you can simply finish your order online at home with a click of your mouse.

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