Tips to Staying Happy when Raising a New Baby

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Being a parent signifies adjusting to many changes. The newest member of your family is cute and adorable but your responsibilities will increase significantly after the birth of a child. Staying happy and positive could be difficult.

Many ladies suffer from postnatal depression after the birth. Changing hormone levels, fatigue and confusion will all contribute to sadness and depression.

The birth of a child is an amazing and exciting moment. Yet, it may turn out to be more difficult than what you had expected it to be. Here are several simple and efficient tips to stay happy and to counter postnatal depression.

What is Postnatal Depression and When Does it Occur?
Sadness and depression after the birth of a child appears about three months after birth and could last for some time.

What causes postnatal depression? Changes in hormone levels are the number one culprit. The female body undergoes many modifications. Hormone levels change once again after birth, which could affect mood and sentiments.

After birth, the body goes back to its ‘regular’ functioning. The levels of estrogen and progesterone decrease sharply. Prolactin increases, which leads to a sentiment of uneasiness and anxiety.

Apart from physical changes, many new moms could feel sad because of the changes taking place in their lives. A baby means responsibilities. It also signifies staying away from work for some time and getting used to a new lifestyle.

All these reasons for sadness and depression could be overcome in several simple and effective ways. Having some personal time and trying to relax will both play a major role.

Take the Time to Relax
After the birth of your child, sleep may be the last thing on your mind. You probably no longer remember what it feels like to just stay in bed and get up at midday on Saturday.

In order to be happy, you need to relax and get your batteries recharged. Try to discuss this problem with your husband or partner. Make a schedule that gives both of you the chance to sleep and to have some personal time.

You can also rely on the help of your dearest friends and relatives. Take several hours away from parental duty and enjoy a favorite spa treatment. Pampering yourself will affect your mood and will make parenthood a happier stage of your life.

Sports and Activities
A simple walk in the park can do miracles in terms of improving your mood and making you feel happy. Get your little one ready and enjoy the stroll together.

Yoga classes have also been designed for moms and babies. Such courses serve two important purposes. They encourage physical activity. At the same time, they help mom and baby bond and create a wonderful connection.

Talk to Friends and Your Partner
Your dearest people will help you combat depression and feelings of sadness.

Talk to your girlfriends and let them know what worries and concerns you have. Getting it all out will serve as an emotional relief and will make you feel better.

Get your partner involved. Talk to him. He knows how you feel and he loves you. This period could be challenging for both of you but working on difficulties together will make your relationship stronger.

You should also think about intimacy. Feeling tired and having the baby nearby will certainly make thoughts of sex vanish in the air. Try to have some alone time with your partner or your husband. It will make you feel good and it will get the two of you connected on a
whole new level.

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