Tips To Make Your Face Appear More Youthful

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As they grow older, many women find themselves faced with a difficult puzzle; should they begin to wear more makeup in an effort to camouflage the growing signs of aging, or should they wear less makeup to keep it from ruining the skin?

The truth is that you may wear makeup as you have before, but if you want to look your best, you will need to change the way it is applied and follow a few simple guidelines to keep your skin looking its best. Think of your face as a canvas, and your makeup as the paint. Keeping your skin healthy provides the canvas for your makeup and makes it easier to apply. Keeping well hydrated is very important because our skin can become drier as we age. By drinking lots of water you will be helping your skin to plump up from the inside out, which fills out the wrinkles and helps your makeup foundation to go on more smoothly.

Pay attention to your foundation, your skin tone may change in such a way that the shade that was most flattering to you when you were younger may not be as flattering now. Discover the shade that suits you best by applying a few dots along your jawline and the color that disappears the best is the shade that you should choose.

Foundations that contain compounds such as caffeine can actually temporarily tighten skin to combat any sagging that occurs with age and special formulas that are designed to float on the surface of the skin will resist settling into any wrinkles and making them more pronounced. Consider using a primer, or a moisturizer/primer combination product that will prepare your skin to receive the foundation by filling in the fine lines and wrinkles, and never forget to make certain that your foundation and moisturizing products contain a sunscreen to prevent any further damage from exposure to the sun.

You may wish to visit your local department store and consult with the ladies at the makeup counter. Sometimes a makeover makes us aware of certain colors and products that look great but that we would not normally have considered. Be flexible - for example, you might believe that you must use a lip liner whenever you apply lipstick, but that lip liner may actually be highlighting any wrinkles around your lip line so consider a soft lipstick without using a liner first. You may need to use a concealer under your eyes, or switch to a mascara that has added fibers in the formula to fill in if your eyelashes have become a bit sparse. Be aware that we all look a bit paler as we age, so feel free to use color as long as you keep it natural looking. Older women look great in makeup, so do not be afraid of wearing it.

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