Tips to Make your Eyes Beautiful

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It is well known: eyes are the window of the soul. It seems our eye beauty is unadorned, but this is not always the case. Sometimes it is better to whitewash something and to make some accents. You know it is easy to guess a person age by wrinkled or bright skin around the eyes.

Eye makeup is the fun part of applying cosmetics. Some simple eye makeup tips. Use eye shadows that fit the character or to express mood. Apply the lightest shade you have over the entire eyelid and the medium shade on the lower eyelid. It's time to apply dark colors for creating depth. Best place for doing that is the outer corner.

Groom your eyebrows! Eyebrows have an incredible effect on your look. It's important to keep them neat and shaped, but something that people often overlook is filling in sparse areas. With a little eyebrow pencil your look can go from blah to sophisticated in a flash!

Draw as close as possible along the upper lash line. Start from the inner corner of the upper eye lid and thicken the line as you move from mid eye onwards.

Eye lash curlers

If you want the effect of long curled lashes make sure you use curlers properly. Eyelash curlers are probably the most misused make up tool. Don't squeeze eyelash curlers too hard, this can potentially damage eyelashes. Proper usage involves quick light squeezes.

Choose individual lashes that would be applied to outer edges of your eyes. Another option is to purchase a string of eyelashes that can be applied to this same area altogether. This type of application will give you a subtle, sexy, eye-opening look.

Keep you eye liner pencils in the fridge. Kohl can get soft and smudgy in the sun. Refrigerate the pencils before you sharpen then. As the kohl hardens, it would be easier to sharpen and to work with right out of the fridge.

Natural Look

Putting on the eye makeup properly can bring out a natural look to your facial features and accentuate the most outstanding characteristics of your eyes. To dress up your eyes, use eye shadows, mascara, and eyeliners, and if needed, foundation or concealers to cover up circles under your eyes.

Wide set eyes can appear closer set and more attractive if you emphasize the inner eye area with color to draw eyes together. Apply eyeliner pencil all way across the bottom lid with only a tiny extension on the outer corners.

Going to sleep with eye make-up especially is a complete no. The best way to get rid of make-up is by using cotton dipped in cleanser. The best way to get rid of eye make-up is Vaseline; it also helps moisturize your eyes. Cleansing is an important aspect in skin care.

When applying or removing eye make up, do it gently. It is the area that first shows the fine lines that can turn ugly as the years go by so use plenty of moisturizer. Softly dab your preferred cleanser with cotton wool pads, then use a fresh cotton wool pad to gently apply a good moisturizer.

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