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Some occasions, holidays and several events give vast photo-shooting opportunities to take all the festive background, scene and also the people present at the event. Events like parties and weddings create good images which capture each and every moment.
Though in weddings, there would always be a hire photographer, who takes shot of everything and anything. Even if you do not know all the ways which professional photographers know, but you can actually try to get some good images with the camera. With some of the clicks you can take the excellent images that would not be even clicked by the professional photographers at the particular event. If you will just stick and follow some basic rules then it would be simple to create and capture the well shot of your friends and dear ones.

Take that particular expression

Hold the camera close by and get spontaneous on scenes when people are crying, grinning, hugging. These scenes actually create some of the memorable photographs which would be always with you. Just keep the camera on, so that you can take spontaneous shot of the people's feelings and expressions at any time.

Candid pictures

Candid photos are good for laughing. They are actually the memorable photos which the professional photographers might not even take as they get busy in capturing the event's portraits and other formalities. Take the images of the family members who joke, laugh with each other, catch the different expressions of kids who makes different attractive poses and other funny poses.
Get closer to subject

one can use the zoom option according to the subject so that the great images can be produced with much greater impact. Emphasize the necessary things and exclude the one which are not important and if the camera has focusing feature, then you should use it for close ups.
Exhibit good camera demeanor

you can easily get wedged up with the photo-shooting passion but also you must fulfill some rules of photograph restrictions. Appreciate the event by evading flashy pictures. Flashy pictures often cause distraction. You can use the lighting. Till the time you do not work on flash, lighting can also help to portray the event.

Avoid red eye
normally, people who have got the digital cameras on hand, they take shots with the red eye. You just can easily eliminate them with the picture editing software.

Carry extra batteries or chargers
It is always advisable to carry extra batteries or charger, as you never know at the time you will get a perfect shot and you might fall short with your battery.
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