Tips To Improve Parent Child Bonding

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Parenting children is a challenging task. To build and strengthen a parent child relationship, parents need to put in serious efforts. Gone are the days when parents used strict methods in order to discipline their children. Children in general were either in awe of their parents or feared them … especially their fathers.

Nowadays the approach has changed and more focus is being put on how to bridge the generation gap, improve parent children communication and enhance bonding between parents and their children. Here are some easy tips that will help you improve the parent child relationship with your child:

Make your child feel special and loved
You must have heard and read everywhere the magical powers of saying “I love you” to your partner and how it can positively improve your relationship with your spouse. The same holds true for your parent child relationship also.

Even if you are angry with your child over something or have had an argument, say “I love you” to your child daily. Children need to feel loved, and as parents you can make them feel special and also boost their confidence.

Share your thoughts or the kind of work you do with your child. Try to have as much conversation as possible with your child. Each of us are busy in our work, but in order to improve your family life, you will have to invest your time into it.

Follow a bedtime ritual
Make it a habit to read fairy tales and other bedtime stories to your child before putting him/her to bed. Building a bedtime ritual can go a long way in strengthening the bonding between parent and children. This practice not only improves parent child communication but also helps instill the habit of reading in the child apart from boosting his/her powers of imagination and visualization. Once you start narrating stories to your child, your child will develop the habit of visualizing the story as it unfolds and will look forward to this ritual. One thing your children will never forget even when they are older is the time they spent with you hearing bedtime stories.

Indulge in fun activities with your child

Apart from reading, also make an effort to indulge in fun activities with your children. No matter how busy you are, once you are home from work spend some quality time with your children. Play board games with your son, or play with dolls if you have a daughter, sing songs together, play the piano and so on. In short, become a kid yourself and try to enjoy things that your child loves.

Respect and value your children' choices and opinions
Value your child's opinion. Ask your child which shoes look better with the dress you are wearing and so on. These small things go a long way in improving communication and strengthening the parent child relationship. And at times, let your children make the decisions themselves. If your son wants to wear red pants with a purple sweater let him wear it. Don't force your opinion on your child all the time.

Encourage your child to assist you
Also let your children assist you in things which they can do. For instance, helping you clear the table, putting dishes in the sink, and so on. And don't feel bad that your child is assisting you in your chores. Doing these little things will instill the feeling of responsibility in your child and of course make your relationship stronger. But when children help you, do not expect too much from them or it might get frustrating.

Motivational videos
Apart from reading and playing with your child, you can watch a motivational video which can a go long way in enriching parent-child quality time. Besides these inspirational quotes, videos work as a great launching pad to start a healthy conversation with your child and support child development and offer great parenting tips. Spending a few moments watching these educational motivational videos will help you pass on important life-lessons about responsibility, honesty, self-confidence, kindness and more.

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