Tips to Improve Irritable Bowel Condition

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Irritable bowel condition arises due to uncooked or raw food. This raw food will not get easily digested and causes problem in your stomach. It might be due to problems with your weak immune system as well. When the disease fighting mechanism loses its capacity it may welcome disease causing micro organism. This may result in dysentery and diarrhea as the body cannot fight against the germs and disease causing micro organisms.

Power of Yoghurt - in boosting your digestive system!

As you all know that yoghurt balances the good and bad bacteria in your body, they are also good for your immune system. Your digestive health can get better and bring about good bowel movements. It is the presence of live active culture which helps in striking a balance between the good bacteria and the bad bacteria.

There are different ways of eating curds. For those who don't like eating it plain, can add them to their fruits and eat it as desert after dinner or lunch. Some even like it with sugar mixed in it. It helps your body to regenerate and quickly replenish the lost energy post dehydration.

Presence of enzymes - also helps promote good bowel condition!

Enzymes are chemical substances that are present in uncooked food such as green grains, fresh vegetables and sprouted grams. They have live bacteria in them, which if eaten raw will promote digestion. These are present in unpasteurised milk and yoghurt too. In addition to correcting your digestive problems they are also helpful in absorbing essential nutrients in your body. It is vital for all body functioning including your brain. They are found in abundance in mother's milk and hence kids who are nursed well will not have digestive problems. If they are switched over to top milk or formula milk it will lead to constipation. This proves the importance of enzymes in your body.

Avoid certain food - which may aggravate your irritable bowel condition!

When you are suffering from stomach problems, you must avoid certain food items. Food such as red meat, alcohol, aerated drinks such as soda, cola and beverages like caffeine, tea, dairy products, food high in fat, fried foods, fast food, chocolates and artificial sweetners must be avoided. You must also avoid food items such as wheat, rye and barley which contain gluten protein. Artificial sweetners contain sorbitol which is not good for your stomach problems. If it is consumed frequently it may aggravate your bowel conditions.

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