Tips To Find Address Of Long Lost Acquaintances And Loved Ones

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If there are people you really want to get in touch with again but have no idea where to contact them or where to reach them, you should not lose hope yet. Here are some simple tricks that can actually help you find address or find a phone number of an old acquaintance or loved one you want to get in touch with again:

1. Use online residential directories.

Online directories are different from your yellow pages. Many people have yellow pages but more often than not, these books are not updated. Online residential directories get updated regularly so you can have the most accurate research possible. New phone numbers UK residents have will be listed here. In addition to that, they usually have complete information. About eighty percent of UK residents are listed in online residential directories.

Another reason why using these residential directories is better than checking out your local yellow pages is that you can gain access to contact details of people living in neighbouring countries such as Scotland or North Ireland. If you have relatives who have since migrated into these neighbouring countries, you have a chance of finding and trace your roots.

Additionally, you can find a directory that has a feature called electoral roll search. If the person you are looking for is over 18 years of age, chances are, he or she has already voted. If so, the information you are looking for is available in the directory. This electoral register tool is one of the most effective ways of finding lost loved ones and getting to know their contact details especially if you are from the UK.

2. Using search engines and social networking sites

Search engines are called search tools because they are exactly that, search tools. If there is anything you want to find, a product, a place or in this case, a person, you can simply check out your favourite search engines. Search engines make use of an algorithm. They use the keywords you have typed in the textbox and pull out search results from websites based from that keyword.

To find address or find a phone number of the person you want to get in touch with, simply type in the name of the person in the text box and hit the search button. You should key in the complete name of the person to avoid pulling up irrelevant search list. The system will get its results from websites. If the person you are looking for is using social networking sites, their profiles should be pulled up in the list. Check out their social network profiles and see if they have an email or phone numbers UK people tend to use, which you can contact. Most people only add their email address or their blog or website name. Try visiting the blog or the website or send them an email to exchange contact details.

3. Reverse lookup

If you need to find address and the only thing you have right now is a name or a phone number, try using reverse lookup. You need to type in the phone numbers and see if the name and the address get pulled up. It is very easy to use and it is a wonderful alternative to finding people with only their phone numbers as reference.

4. Instant messaging or VoIP

Most people make use of some kind of VoIP or Instant Messaging software. If the person you are looking gets in contact with friends or loved ones, he or she definitely has an instant messaging account or a VoIP account. Try searching in some of the major VoIP services and instant messaging software today. Type in the name of the person you are looking for. What is great about this is that you can find a phone number. They usually include the details of their phone numbers here because most VoIP and instant messaging applications have a phone application.

find address details or find a phone number using these simple tricks. Make sure you check out phone numbers uk so you can find out how to find a phone number you are looking for. These are cost effective solutions that will also come handy when you want to send letters or parcels.

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