Tips on Taking Care of your Jupiter Flutes

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Among the different musical instruments, woodwind instruments are one of the most prone to damage and accidents. Usually, these damages and accidents happen if they are not put into their cases after using. If these instruments are left in the bedrooms without any protection, you can subsequently sit on them without knowing. Most of these instruments end up being in a shape of a banana. Since these instruments are not that cheap, you must be carefully in handling them.

When you are using an instrument, the best way to hold it is to position your hands correctly to reduce the pressure applied to any of the keys. With saxophones, the danger is with the crook or the top joint. When it comes to clarinets and oboes, the danger is on the keys that need to match up from one joint to the next. The cork joints must be greased regularly to avoid any difficulty when using it and to also reduce the pressure on the instrument that may lead to damage of keys.

Some of the teachers offer their pupils Vaseline as a substitute to the Woodwind cork grease. When it comes to grease, you must not make any substitute since the ingredients were not the same to the original. It will only damage the instrument. When talking about flutes and saxophones, it is only a myth that metal joints must be greased. If you are using a well made flute like Jupiter flutes, there is no need for any lubrication. Jupiter flutes are well known it is not easily damaged and it plays good and smooth sound.

You must also prevent playing these instruments while you are eating. Food substance may enter the instrument and it can damage the inside part. When this happened, replacement is the only solution. You can follow some of these tips to prevent damage to your woodwind instruments.

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