Tips On Changing Your Hair Colour

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The decision to colour your hair can have some long term effects. Both men and women commonly colour their hair, either to cover emerging grayness, or simply to upgrade their style.

Covering gray can be difficult, since gray hair has lost its natural pigment and sometimes won't hold a colour. However, a reputable salon should be able to give you a consultation and decide which type of product will work best on your hair.

If you wish to change your colour for purely fashionable reasons, you have many choices. Be wary in yoor decision, however, since what looks like a fabulous colour in a magazine, may not look so hot on your hair.

Hair colour changes the balance of our overall look. Skin tone, eye colour and natural hair colour will all impact the end results of your chosen shade. For example, some people have natural red undertones in their hair, so a warm or golden blonde will enhance the red, resulting in reddish looking highlights or sometimes strawberry or even orange hair. If your hoping for a strawberry blonde look that instead comes out orange, you'll be disappointed to say the least.

Until you are comfortable with the natural components of your hair, you should pay the extra money and visit a hair salon for a professional colouring, rather than attempting it at home. A hair colourist will examine your hair and can evaluate which type of hair dye will best work for you. They can also review your hair condition to determine if it is strong and healthy enough to hold up to a colour job.

Your hair shade will be affected by many factors which can reduce the colour or damage the hair. Heated styling products can be drying, as can the sunlight. The sun can also change the colour of your hair. Other chemical treatments, such as perms and relaxers can strip away or dramatically change the new colour you've added to your hair.

Again, these are more reasons to have a consultation with a hair colourist before changing your hair shade. While changing your hair colour can boost your appearance and compliment your personality, it can also have disasterous results if it's not done properly. So look to a professional to give you long lasting colour for your hair that you'll be proud to show off.

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