Tips for sunrise and sunset photography

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Traveling photographs are incomplete without good sunrise and sunset photos. Many people think that sunrise and sunset photography is very difficult to take and most of the time we try and still not able to get it appropriately. Every travel tour is incomplete without sunrise and sunset photography.

Let's see few tips which would help us to click amazing sunrise and sunset photography.

Use tripod to ensure that your camera don't shake. Especially if you are taking photos at the longer shutter speed and with the longer focal length

Manual focus
While taking sunrise and sunset photos, keep the camera on manual focus as sometimes some cameras have trouble while focusing, if your camera has the same thing than turn to manual focus.

See around you
The most beautiful thing about sunset is that the beautiful colors which come out look so amazing. So you can click lots of beautiful photos not only of sky, but also you can click good portraits in that color, landscapes etc, thus you got a wonderful opportunity to click amazing photos.

Keep on shooting
A sunrise or sunset always changes in time and give amazing colors so keep on shooting at all the focal lengths and different exposure.


You can click photos by trying to add in some sort of Silhouette in the shot. It can be something like the mountain, environment like tree or can be the person.

Click at the variety of the exposures
Rather than relying on your camera auto mode, in sunset, switch the camera into shutter priority mode or aperture, so that you can click lots of shots at the different exposures. Also different exposures will give you variety of shots, it will produce different results. So just experiment you never know what shot will become the best one.

The other good technique is to attain the right exposure with bracketing. In this you look what the camera suggests and then click few shots at over and under the mark.

Auto exposure
If you are not very much comfortable using bracketing than you can use auto exposure lock.

Shoot at different focal lengths
Click at different focal lengths to get some nice shots.

Enjoy yourself
The most important thing in the photography is that you need to enjoy the time, you need to enjoy yourself.

There are only two times in a day when light is most perfect for taking breathtaking photos: sunset and sunrise. Because during this time the angle between the earth's surface and sun is small that allows the sunlight to flow over landscape which intensifies the colors of nature and thus creates amazing shadows.

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