Tips for Office Chairs

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A big and tall person has to take some extra things into consideration when getting a new office chair. Opening an office supply store catalog and just pointing to the first one wonít work. The average size office chair will not be able to fully support a big and tall person. In fact, a big and tall person using an average size office chair is more prone to injury, pain, and problems with their neck, back, and arms.

Having the right office chair is more than just having a chair that matches the rest of your furniture. A chair is one of the most important pieces in your office. It will add not only to the look of your office, but to how you feel while in it. A big and tall person canít depend on an average size office chair.

There are a few things to take into consideration when getting a new office chair for a big and tall person beyond just the size of the chair. A good office chair should be supportive and make it easy for you to move around the office. It should fit the proportion of your body and be able to comfortably and securely be able to support your size, but it should also have some other basic features as well.

A good big and tall office chair should be comfortable. A good office chair will be comfortable, supportive, and allow for your body to still have good circulation. If you have ever experienced numbness in your legs this is mainly due to your chair not being right for your body. There should be two to four finger widths of space between the end of your chair and the back of your knees.

Your chair should also be able to tilt at the seat. Your office chair should tilt slightly forward. By tilting forward your body will more easily be able to sit up straight. When your back is straight you will have correct posture and this will allow you to have less strain and injury.

Even with the space between your knees and the chair and the tilt your back should be fully supported. Your lower back should be snug against the back of the chair. This might require your seat to be larger or smaller. Your big and tall office chair should also allow for you to make it taller or shorter. Your feet should be flat on the ground while your knees are bent at a 90 degree angle.

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