Tips For Maintaining Healthy Skin

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Skin is the largest and most visible organ of our body. It thus becomes essential for all of us to take care and properly maintain our skins’ health to keep it young and radiant. Our facial skin and its appearance is the first thing noticed by anybody we come across or interact with. Good skin always attracts more compliments and because of this more people are becoming conscious about their appearance and are seeking advice regarding the proper skin care methods and products. To get healthy skin you must always be aware and follow a proper skin care regime that not only treats your skin issues, but also guards it against further abuse. Following is the list of certain essential skin care tips you must always keep in mind while forming a schedule for you or buying skin care products for yourself.

1) Your skin type: Get your skin examined by your dermatologist. Your skin type will be the key factor influencing any further decisions regarding the products to be selected for your skin.

2) If you have a dry skin, select products which are oil based as this would help you keep your skin hydrated all day. Moisturizers are a must for those with dry skin; if you have over dry skin then you might be required to re apply the lotion during the day.

3) Oil based products (daily use products plus cosmetics) are not meant for those with oily skin. They will give your skin a greasy appearance and can lead to acne as well.

4) Sunscreens are a must for all. You should never leave your home without applying a sunscreen lotion over all the exposed areas of your skin (face, hands, arms, legs, back, and neck).

5) Make sure to apply the sunscreen lotion at least 20 minutes before stepping out in the sun and also re apply it after an intervalof every 3 hours.

6) Those with acne prone skin should use only “non comedogenic” skin care products (check the products label for such tags). Or you can simply stick to products suggested by your dermatologist.

7) Products with added artificial fragrance and colors are not for you if you have a sensitive skin type. Such products can cause allergic reactions on your skin so you must consult your dermatologist before using any kind of new skin care products.

8) Cleansing, toning and moisturizing your face every day at bedtime is a must. For this use a gently cleansing facial foam or gel plus an alcohol free toner and hydrating lotion or moisturizer.

9) For those with dark circles and puffy eyes, you have an option of using under eye serums or specific eye creams like those by iS Clinical and Lierac which have been found to be very effective over the sensitive skin around the eyes.

10) Those suffering from aging symptoms on their skin (fine lines, blemishes, dark spots, wrinkles etc) should use specific anti aging creams , lotions and serums which have been designed solely for this purpose .

11) Adapt to a healthy life style which would include a balanced diet, adequate water intake, proper exercise routine, and less consumption of alcohol and caffeine based products.

Following the above tips can help you maintain your skin’s health for long and will avoid premature aging of the skin as well.

Naomi Andrews is a skin care expert from Hawaii. She has also been involved in performing many cosmetic and make up procedure, to assist her clients with beautiful skin. She has come across and worked with a lot of wonderful products like Obagi, Clarisonic and many others.

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