Tips for having your Portrait taken

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There are a few things you should take into consideration when you want to take a portrait photograph. These photographs are not your normal day-to-day photos, as they are planned around a theme or a particular place you want to capture. Most professional photographers go through the whole process with you beforehand to discuss and plan it out in detail, as this avoids unnecessary problems.

Some Tips and Suggestions:

Plan in advance with photographer

It would be advisable that you plan out the whole session beforehand with the photographer. He will be able to properly guide you in the correct direction so you can plan ahead.


Children can sometimes be difficult to work with, as it all depends upon their mood. If you are planning to travel to a particular place, make sure it is not too far away, as children will get tired easily and then they will not be co-operative during the shoot. Speak with your photographer beforehand about accessible places that are nearby.


Decide the place where you want the shooting to take place first. It could be at home, in the garden, park, on the rocks, mountains, beach, etc. If you are shooting at, say, a beach, be well prepared to get wet or dirty in the sand. So, make sure you carry an extra pair of clothing and some towels.


If you are considering a theme portrait, like an old Victorian style, then you first need to discuss this with the photographer so that he can make some suggestions and also be prepared beforehand.

Time of the Year

A portrait photo can be taken any time of the year, but the weather does affect the look of the photo. For example, in the rain you can't have outdoor shoots, whereas the beaches are empty during winter, giving you beautiful backdrops for vibrant colours and clothes. Autumn and summer both have their own bursts of colours, which make beautiful picture moments.


It is advisable to wear neutral colours or plain shades and avoid large patterns and prints, as then in the final product all you can see are the patterns and prints. Soft pastel shades teamed with jeans, cargos or pretty skirts are a very good option. The main thing, though, is that whatever you might choose to wear, you must look completely comfortable as that immediately comes across in the picture. As they say, "The camera never lies". Make sure your children are comfortable in their clothes and if you are unsure, carry two or three different options of clothing.


Ask beforehand as to how much time the whole session will take. Generally, the portrait photography session goes on for about an hour, so plan for your children a small snack and some water.

Try and be Natural

Taking a portrait does not mean it has to be a serious experience for all. Children can get very irksome if you keep telling them to smile. Just let them be and the photographer will work his magic and capture the best natural photo possible.

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