Tips For Hanging Pictures So They Remain Straight and Level

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Hanging pictures in my home is complicated by two issues: children in the house who wanted to tear around and bang into the wall, and Air Force bombing range just a few miles away. It seems that one or the other is always rattle the windows and shook the house! Not surprisingly, the false images were part of life. No more! I developed an aggressive way to address the problem.

I want to share two tricks, one quite cheap and easy, difficult, but guarantees a straight and level!

The first solution is so ridiculously easy and cheap do not know why I have never seen or heard. It takes some foam weather-resistant tape, you can get anywhere for about $ 3 to the role of 10 feet. This is probably quite correct each image in your house! Problem with photo frames is mounting system. In fact there is not enough friction from the small part of touching the walls of the frame to slide against the forces of displacement. Worse yet, if applicable box beaded curtain and the manufacturer did not exactly in the middle of Groove, there is hope - gravity will pull down a corner. Frames, using wire from one side to another, are even worse! Now there is another problem. If the wire is anchored on both sides exactly at, the difference in angle between the two halves of the frame to force the wire to move along a shallow angle. The more moves, the more it wants to move! Although it is perfect, the wire is slippery and wants to grip the nail or hook.

A simple solution to both these problems is to increase the friction, both in the mid-range wire and the perimeter of the frame. It may take some experimentation, but at home I found that 1 / 4 "foam tape to weathering work for small frames, but 1 / 2" works much better for larger images. The tape is usually fit into 3 / 4 "widths for small frames, cutting plate 3 / 4" long and is placed inside all four corners is sufficient. For more pictures, go with 1 / 2 ", and it may take a few inches at each corner, oriented so that the longitudinal axis goes up and down (which allows more edges to bite into dotting increasing friction). Whether it is cable, friction tape around the package Wed Friction tape is similar to electrical tape, with the exception of finished space glossy vinyl top, using cheap textile surfaces. You friction tape in most DIY centers.

What I just described is almost nothing, but the vast majority of problems dealt with false images.

More photos require different solutions - those that cost a little more or much more, and those little, or much more effort.

Although recently tore apart and rebuilt my family portrait gallery hallway. This is the part that has evolved over time to miss, the corresponding frames, and is a place where people can come across images. Foam tapes I have described above prevents the vibration from knocking pictures from the disorder can not be right if someone collides with the frame! In addition, the images were not necessarily in the middle or at one another.

I bought thirteen new (cheap) photo of Wall-Mart, all in the range 8x10 to replace the images that we had. The first thing was to get them grouped properly. I used to scale the wall and marked 3 "from the ceiling every few feet for the entire corridor. With painters tape, I then laid along the line at these marks. With a tape measure, I found the wall was 13'9", allowing room for both ends , 150 "was perfect. Also, tape measures against painters tape so far at the end was in the center where I wanted to hang a portrait of the last, then went according to plan check mark in 12.5 inches. Perfect! All pictures are hung like portraits, the distance allowed the interval between characters in the center of each image.

The mounting system is unique and coming from a previous project - framed murals. I heard that says that desperation is the mother of invention. This is certainly true for the extremely large and heavy wall sections of the scene. I had to figure out a way to ensure 7-1/2 feet tall by 3-1/2 feet wide segments of the wall, each of which weighs more than 25 pounds, so it would hang at a line. As shipbuilders, I was familiar with the power of the wedges and mounting system uses a support rail attached to the frame rails, which binds to the wall, each beveled at 15 degrees - in essence, two opposing wedges. It worked great! Not only that supports a weight hanging straight and level, two additional side benefit to affix it. Wedge against literally sucked the images on the wall, even if you are raptured, gravity forced them back into perfect alignment!

I used a tiny version of this portrait for his gallery. Instead of 2x2 stock beveled at 15 degrees, I spoke to dozens of Home Depot paint stir sticks that are 1 / 8 "thick 12" long and 1 "wide. From these images easier, I decided to cut 30 bevel. After shrinkage of all lowering (safely on the table saw using the pen boards and push sticks for complex thin stock), I cut in half to give two pieces closed for a frame and a wall. supported dual mounting tape, I stayed a 6 "piece frame and a wall. Of course, I paid attention to installation. I used painters tape to the reference line in each frame directly below the edge. Wall wedges were distributed above and below the center of the label tape, so only touched the edge. I like the staggered effect, and better yet, tear the long horizontal lines lies a small error in the installation process.

This article was prepared for wall murals, please visit them for more information.

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