Tips for getting the perfect shave – How fog less mirrors can help

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It is common knowledge today that grooming is a really important aspect of clean living unless of course you wish to live like a prehistoric caveman and shaving comes right on top of the list. However, for those with a rough and quick beard growth, shaving every day can be a major hassle. If it's your dad, you must have often heard him complaining about the cumbersome task of shaving every day.

Ever wondered how you could get the perfect shave without pain and trouble? This article will guide you through all the steps that are needed for someone who wants to clear that stubble in the most effortless way possible.

Most people are unaware about this but the closest shave can in fact be achieved while still in the shower. This is because the steam and heat in the bathroom tends to cleanse the face by opening up those clogged pores and letting the skin breathe. This also prevents any sort of skin infection if you cut your face while shaving. However, shaving with steam all around you is impractical because the fog hinders vision and if one is not extra careful, cuts and bruises are common. So how does one avoid this fog and shave the face at the same time?

The answer is simple - use a fog less (also known as a condensation free) mirror. These mirrors are really convenient when it comes to grooming in a foggy bathroom because they do not allow any water vapour to condense on them. Therefore one can easily shave without having to wait for the steam to disappear.

Different Types of Fog less mirrors:

There are several kinds of fog free mirrors which are used widely ranging from portable and manually heated ones to automatic electric ones.

Heated water based mirrors - These mirrors are either attached to the shower head or have a small water tank behind them to store hot water. These use a tiny trickle of warm water to keep them heated. This prevents any water to deposit on the mirror and ensures that you get a clear view in it all the time, no matter how long you shower for.

Electricity based mirrors - Then there are mirrors which use electricity to keep them heated and free of fog. These are really good when using at home but they can't be used when you are travelling.

Surface treated Fogless mirrors - Lastly, there is a third type of fogless mirror which is made so by treating its surface with an anti fog coating. Though steam does collect on it, a layer of mist is not formed. These mirrors are popular because of their low price and simple installation requirements - they do not require additional things such as electricity or hot water.

Depending on your budget, decide whether you want a water-heated, an electric or a surface treated fog free mirror. So what are you waiting for, visit an online store today and look for the fogless shaving mirror of your choice!

Not only can you get one for yourself, fog less mirrors make for superb gifts for your boyfriend. If you have a father these mirrors will make excellent gifts for him too.

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