Tips for Choosing the Right Pram

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This is certainly a tricky decision which faces all new mums and dads out there, with numerous on offer, how do I know what is right for me? Among the best places for advice is always to ask family and friends that already have children, they can share all of the knowledge gained from their experiences and hopefully pass that on to you. But what is really important is understanding exactly what your needs are, consider some of the following key questions:
How do you get about each day, would you drive, take the bus or walk? What number of children are you having, twins/triplets or more? Are you planning on having more children in the future? Do you live in an apartment block or ground floor flat? Is there a lift? The level of storage space do you have?
If you spend a lot of your time driving around, you might consider a pram that is little in size and straightforward to fold away, you don't need to spend 15 minutes struggling to fold your pram away whenever you need to get back in the car. It can be a good suggestion to measure the space in your car and ensure the size of the new pram will fit. How large is your car boot? Does your car have three doors or five?

If you are into exercise and staying fit with long walks, then 3 wheelers are the one for you. They have large inflatable wheels that make it easy for you to push and a smooth journey for your loved one. If this seems like you, Quinny Strollers are a great option.
If you live up several flights of stairs in an apartment block, especially if you have no lift or elevator, you should go for something that's light weight and easy to get up and down the stairs.
You should think about size and light-weight portability if you plan to frequent public transport. Busy buses in addition to trains can be stressful even with no pram, you need a pram which will fold away to a small size to make use of the restricted space available. Some of the larger travel systems wouldn't be suitable as they are heavy and not easy to carry around in tight spaces. You should also think about how long you want the pram or stroller to last, if you want it to last from birth to toddlerhood, you ought to check the maximum it can carry.

If you have plans for the household size to grow and grow, in case you are having twins or a second child, then twins and tandems are the ones for you. You will find two basic types, the kids can either sit next to one another or one behind the other. You will find pros and cons to each, for the side by side, it means both children get a similar field of view, but they're wide and can be difficult navigating supermarket aisles. This is much easier for tandems where one child sits behind the other because they're narrower, but the child in the back won't have as good a view as the child in the front. For twins, Cossato You 2 Twin Stollers are excellent, they've added such a unique sense of fun and personality to their range.
You should also think about how safe the pram is for your baby, generally you cannot fail with a 5-point harness as well as a locking system that locks both brakes. Comfort for your baby is also important, a light-weight pushchair may be easy to get about, but might be a little bouncy, especially for newborns.
So, hopefully by now, you'll have a couple of ideas about what the particular needs are for you and your baby. Be sure to ask friends and family members about their experiences and suggestions. Hopefully this helps make a difficult decision a little easier.

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