Tips for bird photography

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Taking the beautiful photographs of the birds could be very gratifying but also, it can be very challenging. The Birds move very fast and they rarely sit. Although there are certain tricks which you can use to attract them. But remember, practice and patience are the keys here.
Ensure that you have a specific number of shoots in the season. Let us look at the following suggestions which would help us to click photos in a better manner.
Camera equipment
Patience and the tripod is the most important tool here to achieve some good backyard bird photos. Getting closer to your subject is also an important aspect here. So the long focus lens would help here (200 mm or 300mm). The point and shoot should have a considerable zoom capability. To get the focal length, we need a steady camera. To minimize the camera shake, we can use the remote shutter else you would not be getting those immediate clicks.
Camera settings
To control the depth of field and to avoid the other distracting elements, it is recommended to use the manual focus. Shooting the flying birds needs more practice and extra patience while capturing in the manual mode, setting the aperture and shutter.

During spring, we can get an ample opportunity to shoot birds. Normally in the late autumn also you can have an opportunity. And also the morning time, the early morning time is considered the best for shooting the birds. Birds are more active after the sunrise; also the sun gives nice light at the early hours. Three hours before the sun set are also considered as the best time for capturing the birds.
Attract the birds
You should provide food, water, shelter to attract the birds. You can also provide them the safe place where they can raise their young. For example provide them birdbaths for bathing and drinking. Provide them ample amount of bird's food. Providing a shelter does not mean that you build a bird house, birds nest in trees that provide them protection from predators and harsh weather.
Positioning yourself
If your window looks out the bird sanctuary, then set the camera and tripod in the front of it and it could be a good location to click some great shoots. It gives you an ample opportunity to click something instinctively and you are also at different place, birds cannot be distracted. You must stay in a hidden or a place far away from the birds and when you are outside give some time to birds to come near to you thus you can have really great shots.

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