Tips for Better Canvas Photo Prints

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Technology and the trends in it are growing at a faster rate. There are numerous accomplishments in every field. When it comes to the field of photography, Canvas Photo Printing is an emerging trend with numerous advantages.

Digital photography has become common now. Canvas printing makes use of the digital technology in printing. Giclee Prints are also famous for their style of printing. Giclee prints are printed by printers squirting different colours of ink over the canvas. Photographers ensure the longevity of the photos printed on canvas. They quote that some of the photo canvas can last for a century.

The longevity of photo on canvas is determined by two factors. One of factors is being the ink's quality and the other being the quality of canvas used. Colour-fastness will determine the prints resistance to fading and from losing its colour. The quality of canvas should be acid free which prevents it from turning yellow and helps in absorbing ink. Another additional hint is that; prevent the canvas from hanging onto a frame which has acid contents in it. Frames too should be acid- free to help the canvas and the print quality last longer.

For better results of photo on canvas, hope the following tips could prove worthy.

Points to Ponder

 The photo you choose must have timeless value. i.e. it must be a picture of something which has a soothing appeal to our eyes and mind at all points of time. You should never feel tired or bored of watching it.
 Before choosing a picture to transfer into photo canvas you must think of its orientation and size. Some photos never make a wrong but some get spoiled if its orientation is changed as it could crop off the important part of the photo on canvas.
 The object of important value should be at the centre of photo on canvas. If it is away, see if you can crop off the other areas and push it to the centre.
 The digital camera that captures the picture should have higher resolution. This will result in higher resolution pictures for printing.
 Check the image quality and resolution of your picture to be always greater than 100dpi. Resolution below this will make the print blurry.

 Never choose a photo taken under bad light or low light, even if these flaws can be fixed.
 Preview of the picture before it is printed. This will help in making final touches or corrections.
 Coat it with a shield that protects it from cracking and from moisture or UV rays. This will help in making the piece of art last longer.
 Doing all the above perfectly but not with the right professional will spoil our entire effort. So, it is really important to choose carefully the printer of photo canvas.

Plan it carefully and execute it perfectly. No doubt, you will possess one of the master pieces of art work that will stand the test of time.

About Us: Photo canvas is an art that requires technical intelligence and creativity. Almost every one of us desire to give life to your memorable moments. Photo on canvas is a biggest gift that satisfies all our needs and even makes our expectation come true. If you are with the thirst to know about canvas, then visit

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