Tips And Advice For Amateurs: Learn How To Select, Frame And Display Your Artwork

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Depending on the person, a blank wall can appear as an inspiration or a challenge. A daunting task for sure but one that can tantalize you with ideas limited only to your imagination. If you do not give it the proper attention and thoughtful deliberation it warrants, it will end up riddled with holes from ever-changing nail holes. The longer you put off decorating the room, the longer you have a blank wall, which does nothing short of permeating the entire space with the sense of an abyss. Correctly placing a piece of art that you love on the wall, and it will warm your heart.

When it comes to artwork, many find it's more about creating an inspiring place in your home. It doesn't require a degree in art or a big, expensive painting to get a great look. Interior designers and art collectors have some inside trade secrets that can help you to choose better pieces and properly hang and display them in your home.

You should always give as much thought to that one empty wall as you would to designing an entire room. As guests enter a room, it's far more likely that they'll comment on a notable painting on display before they'll make any mention of an especially fancy chair they've used in the room.

The atmosphere that a room carries depends on the art that is displayed within it, and art collectors know this. It's more common for people to allow the room itself to inspire which are is selected. Asking for art that matches your carpet will alienate you from the serious art world. In fact, it's the unforgivable transgression of the decorating code. A designer is trained to identify a key element of the room, a painting or sculpture, and take their cues from that piece. Consider the colors that are present in the artwork and make use of them with various accents in the room, such as flowers in a vase, throw pillows on the couch, or a basket filled with fruit; you will create a harmony in the room by repeating these colors based solely on the artwork. Most pictures look best matted in white, but a colored mat beneath the white one can give a small slice of color that unites the room with the artwork.

Choosing the right frame is also important to help your artwork fit in with the rest of the room. Currently, one of the most popular choices for frames is anything narrow and minimal. These compliment the current and fashionable designs of today. Thick, ornately carved wooden frames in gold or silver look better in more formal settings. Do you have an exceptionally large wall to fill? Centering one, larger painting on the wall is a suggestion given by decorators.

Modern buildings are full of spaces like this. Luckily there are many pieces of modern art available that are not very expensive and would look great in a space like this. A trick that condo designers use is to decorate with posters bordered by a white mat and enclosed in a black or wood frame. If the item you want to hang is too small for the wall you want to put it on, many designers will use a larger mat and frame. Pictures needn't be only centered in the mat; extra white space at the bottom adds drama. The people who operate framing galleries can do this when the piece is framed. You can also get art stores to cut mats to the sizes you need; as far as lighting, specialists use halogen lights because their white light makes the picture stand out.

As a beginner, there are some tips you should keep in mind that will help you to do your best. Always measure the dimensions of the wall for your artwork, and take those measurements with you. Visit local galleries often to look at the art they carry. With price tags ranging from $20 to $3,000, you can find the ideal sculpture or framed artwork. Are you having doubts about how the piece will look in your room? Some places will take a deposit and allow you to take the art home to see for yourself. But don't stop your search at galleries. Also check out outdoor art shows and local art schools. Most of us can't spring for an original, so look for limited-number reprints such as lithographs or silk-screen prints. Finally, it's possible to discover lost creative treasures and beautiful frames by checking out thrift shops, garage sales and flea markets.

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