Tips About How Publishing Press Announcments Can Help Your Search Engine Optimisation

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Distributing pr announcements is a beneficial marketing activity because it helps you to get all of the latest news about your company to a targeted audience with journalists who are able to all potentially generate further coverage for you by publishing your news into their industry periodicals, newspapers and websites.

Among the list of lesser known and understood advantages of press release distribution however is the benefits that you may receive in the search engines thanks to the links that you can publish inside of your press releases.

The first search engines organised their listings totally based on on-page factors, however site owners swiftly learned easy methods to adjust their pages so that they would appear higher within the listings. Some online marketers took it a step further by optimising each of the elements to an extreme (repeating keywords hundreds of times, setting text colour identical to the background, etc) and achieved even higher rankings on the search engines like yahoo because of these tactics.

The major search engines decided that they had to alter their algorithms to prevent the spammers making it more challenging for webmasters to control their search results and come upon the concept that you'd only hyperlink to somebody else’s website if you had thought it was useful, nobody is going to link to a poor quality website which provides absolutely no value.

They modified their algorithms to incorporate the addition of this new linking factor, however they have somewhat gone too far the opposite way now and website owners, blog owners and sadly spammers have all learnt how to get links pointing at their own web pages, hence still manipulating the search engine result pages. Links now form so much of the algorithm, generating 1 way backlinks is big business and obtaining links from other peoples websites is an industry in itself which happens to be worth a lot of money to webmasters and blog owners.

The great news is that when you’re publishing pr announcements, you've got the most effective link building techniques readily obtainable to you at your fingertips. By linking certain keywords in your news release through to relevant pages of your website, anytime the press release is published in press release distribution directories or end user news sites, your gaining new links to your web page automatically, meaning that you're very likely to appear higher in the search engine results.

You ought to look to submit your pr announcements on press release distribution websites that will feature your press release on their site when you submit them, giving you links from the press release sites themselves and then any news sites or blogs which elect to publish your content also after reading it on the press release distribution sites.

A further benefit of submitting to these sites also is that they frequently have e-mail lists which feature plenty of journalists and website owners who could possibly then go on to publish your press announcments or write a story about your news release content that may feature on their own websites and blogs, all containing links straight into your sites enhancing your search engine results.

UK focused press release distribution services are available from, with the likes of Boden press releases choosing them, you’re in good company.

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