Tips - To Take Good Care of Your Hair

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All of you love to have gorgeous hair, soft and shiny! But, do you know what needs to be done to improve the texture of your mane and add shine and luster to it? Remember, you need to keep your follicles well moisturized. Especially, dry mane must be conditioned well to add life to the lifeless mane. How you can achieve this, is quite simple. Just follow certain tips mentioned below and you will soon achieve great results.

Tips for chemically treated type!

If you have treated your mane with relaxers, straightening/ironing, perming and colouring you must make sure you maintain them well. Take adequate care post treatment in order to have dramatic effects and also to prevent your mane from being damaged. There are conditioners and shampoos specifically designed for chemically treated follicles, use only these products. It is important to follow up your shampoo rinsed hair with conditioners. Conditioners are helpful for all types of mane and keep follicles moist, healthy and shiny.

Natural treatments include heat oil therapy. Use almond, olive or sesame oil for this. Heat it up in a pan and dab it on to your scalp with the help of cotton or you could use your fingers and gently massage it. Use a shower cap after this. This helps to prevent any damages and keeps them in good condition. You may even leave it over night before washing it. Always use shampoo on to your scalp and conditioner on your mane. Start from the middle to the tips of your shafts. Leave it for 5-10 mins and rinse it away!

What happens if you don't take care of it?

You may begin to lose your follicles and this would lead to baldness in the long run. It would damage the roots and will not let good growth of follicles. Dryness and dandruff sets in and leads to complication. It would soon begin to look lifeless. Running a comb through wet hair can cause it to rip, tear and you may soon lose it too, use a towel and gently dry it. You can use your fingers on dry follicles and brush them. Hair loss depends on the individual. Aging, of course, is one of the most common reason why a person can lose hair, although younger people can experience the problem all the same. Some experience a loss of hair due to poor eating habits, while others lose hair from hormonal changes. Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables and drink lot of water to keep it moisturized. Make use of these simple tips and take good care of your mane.

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