Tinted Moisturizer for Oily Skin - How to Make Tinted Moisturizer Makeup

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Tinted moisturizer for oily skin is very difficult to find. Most formulas are too emollient and transparent for oily, breakout prone skin. They typically donít cover any flaws, and leave skin looking even oilier than it does without any makeup. Most makeup for oily skin on the market feels heavy and looks thick Ė not a good texture, especially during hot summer months. Women with oily skin would love to have a tinted moisturizer that covers blemishes and controls oil, since those of us with oily skin have been left behind in the world of tinted moisturizers. The solution? Make your own! A customized tinted moisturizer can easily be created using Aloe Gel, combined with your favorite liquid foundation.

Aloe Vera Gel has numerous benefits for oily and acne prone skin, or for any skin type in general. It promotes new cell growth, reduces inflammation, assists in fast healing, and adds moisture without any greasy residue. Those with acne prone skin will love its cooling & refreshing properties, and its ability to reduce swelling and clear acne faster than with no treatment at all.

One of the best Aloe products on the market is Makeup Artistís Choice Aloe Jelly with Pure Lavender. Their formula is 95% organic, contains no parabens, is incredibly light weight, and mixes wonderfully with other cosmetic items. This can be purchased at www.makeupartistschoice.com for $8.75. If you prefer an Aloe Gel without any additional ingredients, try the 100% Aloe by Roots Herbal. This goes for $9.99 at www.rootsherbal.com. Aloe gel can also be found at most health food stores, but make sure youíre purchasing one that is actually 100% aloe, without any chemicals, alcohol, or preservatives added.

Once you have selected an Aloe Gel, decide which liquid foundation you are going to mix it with. For oily skin, the best foundations contain no oil, and are marketed specifically toward oily skin. Drugstore brands typically fade after 3-4 hours when they come in contact with the sebum from your skin, so youíre better off with a high quality foundation from a department store. These range in price from $25 - $30 but are well worth the cost, because they last for 8+ hours even on oily skin, and in high humidity. If you must go with a drugstore brand, try Maybellineís Superstay or Mineral Power Liquid, or Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation. These deliver a smooth finish, stay put for about 4 hours, and cost around $8. Two of the best high end brands are Estee Lauderís Max Cover Foundation and Clarinís Truly Matte Foundation. These both provide complete yet light weight coverage, and a flawless finish. Normally, concealer isnít necessary underneath, because these two foundations are so packed with pigment. These stay in place for about 8-10 hours.

Those with oily skin will find it helpful to apply an oil absorbing base primer before the tinted moisturizer. The best face powder and primer for oily skin is Mattify! Ultra Powder from Mattify! Cosmetics. Applying this powder before your tinted moisturizer will protect the pores from foundation and absorb a large amount of oil and moisture, giving you longer lasting makeup that is highly resistant to humid weather. It can also be applied after the tinted moisturizer to create an air-brushed finish and set makeup for longer wear. This powder costs around $14 at the Mattify! Cosmetics website: www.mattifycosmetics.com and is a must-have product for those with oily skin.

Now that you have purchased Aloe Gel and Foundation, youíre read to mix the two together and create your very own customized Tinted Moisturizer for Oily Skin!

For a sheer tinted moisturizer, add a bit more Aloe Gel to the mixture. You can adjust the amount of Aloe Gel you use until the consistency and coverage are to your liking.

Here are the 4 simple steps to making and wearing your own Tinted Moisturizer for Oily Skin:

Step 1:

Mix 1 part Aloe Gel with 2 parts liquid foundation on a palette
For example: 1 pea-sized drop of Aloe Gel + 2 pea-sized drops of foundation

Step 2:

Apply the Mattify Ultra oil absorbing powder primer to your face, using a fluffy powder brush

Step 3:

Apply your freshly mixed tinted moisturizer to your face in sections, blending downwards

Step 4:

Apply Mattify Ultra Powder as an oil absorbing setting powder to ensure long lasting makeup

Additional Tip:

If you already have a favorite oil-free moisturizer, try mixing that with foundation in place of the Aloe Gel. Some people prefer the lightness of the Aloe Gel, while others may like a creamier moisture-based tint.

Voila! You've created your very own tinted moisturizer for your oily skin!

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