Time to tickle a Puzzle with Sudoku Online Puzzle Game

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Sudoku puzzles are very famous as good way to activate your brain with morning tea. Many people solve Sudoku puzzle while going to office, while travelling, as it’s a never ending combination of numbers and each level is new and never repeats itself. So the difficulty is always there in every new game. You can improve your mathematical and analytical skills by playing this brain teaser game. When this game was launched in newspaper it gained so much craze that it’s a daily column in almost all magazines and newspapers. Sudoku puzzle is also easily available free on internet. Online Sudoku allows you to choose your difficulty level and gives more attractive appearance as compared to newspaper or magazine.
Sudoku puzzle comes under brain teasers category. In this game there is a square grid divide into smaller grids with few boxes filled with single digit number randomly. Your goal is to fill the digits from 1 to 9 keeping in mind that the digit should have occurred only once in a line. The rules are simple and with just one practise you will understand the rules. The tough part is calculating and observing the digits. Sudoku is not a game which you will learn to master in one go, you definitely need patience to become a skilled Sudoku puzzle solver. It has been a common sight in food junctions and café where people grab Sudoku game until their order is getting ready. Even patients waiting for their doctor seem to take interest in playing Sudoku ease off their worry and put their mind in some interesting brain activity.

Sudoku puzzles have gained international popularity as well and it is being suggested to add this game in international puzzle games. Once you get the trick and methodology to solve this puzzle you will love other brain teaser puzzles and thus will keep your mind fresh, active and sharp. It has been seen kids who play these kinds of games have shown a better mathematical and analytical skill at their school. So there is no harm in playing Sudoku unless you do your homework on time and do not engage yourself only in games.

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