Time to Rescue Your Damaged Hair

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Damaged hair is usually the result of too much exposure to heat and chemicals. Perms, colourings, relaxers and other chemical treatments wear on the natural strength of our hair. Blow dryers, curling irons, straightening irons and other heated appliances compound the problem.

Once hair is damaged, the outer layer has been stripped away, exposing the weakened inner layer which is often dry and brittle. Once this occurs, hair is vulnerable to breakage from brushing or styling your hair.

The key to rescuing your hair is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. You can also try a deep penetrating oil, such as emu oil, or a leave in conditioner, every other day. Be sure to coat each strand from root to tip for maximum protection. Comb your hair gently with a wide tooth comb, being careful not to pull or snag as this will further the breakage.

You will naturally lose a few strands of hair every day, but when you see excessive amounts, or your hair seems overly dry, it's a sign you've damaged your hair. Treating it right away is important to get it under control.

Avoid using heated appliances on your hair while it's in recovery. Hair accessories are another major culprit when it comes to breaking fragile hair strands. Clips, combs, barrettes, scrunchies and elastic bands (yes, even the ones without metal pieces) can all cause breakage when your hair is brittle and damaged.

If at all possible, let your hair dry and hang naturally. Avoid combing or brushing in excess or tying it back with accessories. Apply deep conditioning frequently until your hair recovers and is back to its old self again. Once your hair has been rescued, try to avoid the harmful elements that dry out or burn the outer layer of the hair. If you must use these products, try to also use a deep conditioning oil at least once a week to keep your hair strong and well hydrated.

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