Time to buy a pair of Clip on earrings

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With the introduction of clip on earrings, women have left a sigh of relief. Those torturous days of having different infections and allergies due to pierced ears have gone. You do not need to worry about those scars and painful experiences that are followed by due to piercing. These earrings are a boon to the women who are scared of getting disfigured any of their body parts. These earrings also take away the fear of the bacterial and fungal infections due to the ear piercing. Not to mention about the some fashionable males looking forward to wearing these clip on earrings for those wild Friday night parties.

In the fifties, a new style of clip on earrings was developed. This was a hinge earring. It had a central pivot and constituted of a large clip with one of the sides firmly attached to the back of the earring and the other side was let free. The wearer had to place this clip in a manner that the earlobe would come in the between. As we bend both the pieces, the earring was closed. Later screw earrings were also introduced. Gradually new and better styles were introduced and with the advancement of technology, these earrings became more comfortable and lighter.

In contrary to this, it was considered inappropriate for women to get their body parts pierced in the Victorian era. Hence women started wearing clip earrings. These earrings had screws attached to the back of their clamp. The wearers had to jus put the earring in a manner that the earlobe comes in between and twist the screw until both the front and back come in proper contact and thus hold the earring at place. Modern clip earrings also come with cushion pads or you can call adhesive pads. Theses pads avoid stress on earlobe and thus provide more comfort to your ears. (I like cubic zirconia clip earrings, what about you?)

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