Timberland Anti-fatigue Technology

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Have you ever calculate the precise time you spend standing in a day? As for people who need to stand for long time, there is need to wear a pair of excellent shoes, as it will prevent you from exhaustion and work or have a happy leisure time with you. Timberland, internationally renowned outdoor brand, presents you new exclusive patented Anti-Fatigue technology and makes you comfortatble even if you are still standing 9 hours.
Its anti-fatigue technology applies high-density EVA material in insoles and midsole as well as the hollow cone structure which is alternating positive and negative to support, absorb shock and break down impact. And then recover energy and reduce fatigue from long-time standing. It arranges the hollow cone's size and location according to the demands of the feet various pressure areas.

Anti-fatigue technology is based on wide and thick feet styles of Asians more and take the proper measures. It widens the shoestree of some corresponding shoes styles and heightens the shoes back, thus you will not only stand more relaxedly, but also more comfortable.

Based on the consistent environmental concept, part of the its shoes are made from 50% recycled PET mesh sole and shoes bed, reducing the waste of resources. And, the sole are made from Green Rubber blended with 42% recycled waste tire, gloves and other waste rubber.

We learn from the Copenhagen Conference on the Environment that it's irreversible to have a low-carbon life and more and more people are paying more attention to the carbon emissions influence on the environment. As a matter of fact, It has paid attention to it for long and utilizes a lot of approaches and materials to reduce carbon footprint in the production process. It released the Earth Guardians series-Earthkeepers this spring which are made from environmental and recyclable material, so that you are not only tide and stylish, but also an Environment Man. No matter where you are, in wild outing or in the urban forest, just put them on and then they will lead you to experience the nature and comfort perfectly.

According to reports, the "Earth Guardians" series stir the enthusiastic response and followers in the world since it came into being in 2007 winter for the first time. It can be attributed to its determined appearance, good quality and commitment to the environment.

In 2010 Spring, the "Earth Guardians" series came back to the front of the fashion worl once again. First, it looks fashionable with environmental function. Next, the upper and laces are made from 100% organic cotton. It is the first time for the trend world to make soles from the recycled rubber from scrap tires. At length, it also uses a fully recyclable lining and comfortable insole. It is worth mentioning that the leather is from silver-level tanning, minimizing energy consumption, reducing waste production, eliminating of water pollution in the production process, "Earth Guardians" are made in this fully environmental process.

All types of styles applies anti-fatigue technology, from work shoes, driving shoes, outdoor shoes, casual shoes to boat shoes which are especially specially for teachers, cooks, doctors, salespersons and others who need for a long time station. Let's stand relaxedly in a happy mood and say NO to the fatigue.

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