Timberlake had his hands full at MTV Movie Awards

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Apparently Justin Timberlake didn’t learn the first time he played around with a woman’s chest on live TV for all the world to watch (see Nipplegate: 2004 Superbowl). This time around JT found it fit to grab Mila Kunis at this year’s MTV Movie Awards. Celebrity gossip pages everywhere were set even ablaze as Kunis calmly reached back to give him a taste of his own medicine, and grabbed a big handful of Timberlake’s trouser snake before the two finally announced the winner of the award they were presenting (Robert Pattinson for Best Male Performance).

The entire awkward exchange was clearly planned as neither artist flinched during the ahem, on-stage fondle, in front of millions of viewers. The audience was in stitches as the actors stood on stage for plenty of time, groping one another on live TV, whilst the censors were no doubt going nuts trying to figure out if what they were seeing was appropriate to broadcast.

The handsy couple recently starred in the semi-romantic comedy Friends With Benefits, and used the time onstage at the MTV Movie Awards to reveal to the world that they have never dated and have a “totally platonic relationship”. Then they got to second base. Neither had to have been surprised with the other as the premise of Friends With Benefits was strictly sex. Celebrity news is reporting that JT got to see plenty of Mila during the shooting as the two got steamy in the movie plenty of times.

Set to premiere in the UK on 11 September, Friends With Benefits also stars Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson and the popular Saturday Night Live funnyman Andy Samberg. A crazy bit of heartbreak leads to a sexy experiment between recently single Dylan (Timberlake) and friend Jamie (Kunis). Of course, two people that attractive can’t keep hooking up without some sort of emotional baggage eventually wearing the whole engagement down, and as could be expected the two move out of the sex-zone and into the sort-of kind-of relationship zone.

Other highlights of the MTV Movie Awards was a joint performance by Trey Songz and Lupe Fiasco, an uncensored F bomb and man-on-man kiss by Robert Pattinson, a performance of “Walk” by the Foo Fighters and an unscheduled turn by the one and only Justin Bieber. None of these, however, had their chests groped on stage. That one belongs to Mila and Justin.

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