TIGI Hair Care - Funky Fashion for Your Hair

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It is worth some thought, worth some money, and worth taking a few minutes to think about hair care. There's so much you can do with your hair. Keep it, lose it, cut it, trim it, colour it, curl it, straighten it, bend it, wet it, plaster it, smooth it, scrunch it, put it up, put it down, stick it up, grow it here but trim it there, scent it, mask it, cover it, spray it, dry it, perm it, comb it, brush it, finger it, or just leave it! When you consider the importance of hair care, and the plethora of options, you're going to need some advice and some guidance.

Right now in the UK, there is no shortage of people, companies, salons, and boutiques clamouring for your money and offering hair care services. You can find a hairdresser worthy of a celebrity, or…otherwise. The trend in hair right now is not the slicked-back smooth look. That was yesterday. Now, the look for men is the tousled look, the kind of feel that suggests ruggedness and preparedness, but with a heavy dose of the suave. This is accomplished by selecting only the best hair care products from top-of-the-line manufacturers. Women's styles vary, as usual, but sleek, smooth, glossy, and healthy hair is always in fashion. Eye-catching colours and funky styles are always popular too.

For those wanting only the best in hair care products, TIGI is the name consistently at the top. Since the two brothers went into business over fifty years ago, TIGI has been growing, gaining popularity, and expanding into the worldwide leader in hairdressing. The name TIGI, from the names of the two founders, Tony and Guy, now oversees 400 salons in the UK. TIGI publishes a magazine, displaying fashion tips and advice. TIGI even have their own TV show. And now, TIGI has salons in dozens of countries, and the hair care products from TIGI are universal. TIGI has distinguished itself as the best in its class. TIGI is the one name that is basically synonymous with hip and funky fashion.

TIGI Bed Head is one of the most popular lines of products from TIGI. With shampoo, conditioners, gel, wax, mousse, and everything in-between, this line of funky hair care products is a smashing success. If you haven't checked out TIGI Bed Head Manipulator - a bestselling coconut-scented cream that allows you to style your hair with texture and body, then you're missing out!

TIGI Catwalk is another name that is synonymous with hip and funky hair care. The trendy Catwalk range specialises in presenting model-quality hair care products. They always offer products that can deliver to you that straight-off-the-catwalk style, just as their name suggests. Always hip, the product range features a wide variety of humectants, enhancers, and supplements to keep your hair in perfect condition. One such product is the popular TIGI Oatmeal and Honey Treatment Shampoo which keeps hair satiny fresh and clean and smells divine!

TIGI Hardcore offers the hardware to get the TIGI look. While hair care products are important, and TIGI offers the best, TIGI also offers the finest tools to accomplish anything you want to with your hair. Combs, brushes, sectioning clips, hair dryers, hair straighteners - this line of equipment is ideal for combining ease of use with excellence in quality. In fact, all TIGI products are designed with the professional hair stylist in mind. This proves to be the best beauty products of all time.

TIGI S-Factor is a premium range of hair care products specifically designed to create straight, smooth hair that is sleek and shiny. TIGI S-Factor products are guaranteed to eliminate frizz and add the gloss back to tired locks - perfect for a night on the town!

TIGI's latest range, B for Men, offers the same restorative healthy hair care that the Hardcore line does. B for Men offers to men the kind of care that their hair needs, while presenting style and fashion at the same time. Men want something that can cut down on flakiness, hold their hair in place, and still smell half decent. The B for Men Pure Texture Molding Paste does just that. This line of products is one line that is not going out of style anytime soon. It can be described as pure success.

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