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Well, the world of celebrity gossip never ceases to amaze me. According to many sources, there is an affair going on between Tiger Woods and Tiger Woods Mistress Rachel Uchitel. She (tiger woods mistress) is a known party girl, and frequents the New York club scene. It all started when a friend of Rachel Uchitel named Ashley Sampson detailed to the National Enquirer tabloid magazine the details of the affair, along with several pictures. Rachel promptly denied the allegations, causing a lashout by the magazine who promised to release all the details of the affair to the world.

We are so fascinated by celebrities that whenever one of them makes a mistake that a common person would, we put it under the largest magnifying glass imaginable. Obviously we don't hear about Joe Smith from Wisconsin having an affair... not only because he probably doesn't hang out with Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel or any super models for that matter. Tiger Woods mistresses count is up to 4 now.

My point is, did Tiger Woods do anything wrong? Many people would say that Tiger Woods is wrong for having an affair with his mistress Rachel Uchitel. There are also people that are cheering him on wildly. The thing is, Tiger Woods is a married man, and has kids! He is married to Elin Nordegren, also a gorgeous super model. It must have something to do with being the only athlete to make more than a billion dollars or something.

Thanks to Tiger Woods 4th mistress, this story is all over. But, here's the juicy part. We want your opinion. We want you to tell us whether you think Tiger was wrong for having an affair with Rachel and cheating on Elin. We are also ready to reward you for your opinion. Cyber monday is tomorrow and everybody needs to get Christmas shopping done. That is why we are offering the choice of a $500 best buy gift card or a $1000 gas card with your vote. So tell us what you think, and after you vote, select the reward you want below the poll, and BE SURE TO ENTER YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS on the page after you vote or your vote will NOT be credited and you will not recieve ANYTHING.

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