Thrilling And Exciting Bakugan Party Games Will Add To A Bakugan Party

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Bakugan is a great party theme ideal for a fun filled party with Bakugan party games and activities perfect for a great time. Create a fun Bakugan theme party with fun, challenging, and high energy party games that encourage teamwork and competitive spirits.

Bakugan Battler Brawlers Ball Blast: This game is a variation of Dodgeball and is perfect for a party that is outside or in a location where a ball can be thrown. First, use black electrical tape to create three Bakugan symbols: Aquos, Pyrus, and Darkus and place the dodgeball is the center of the play area. Split the party group into three teams with color indicators for each player that corresponds with their teams. For example, Team Aquos can wear blue ribbons tied around their arms. Play begins with the teams in the corners of the play area, on go, teams race to get their dodgeballs from the center of the play area. Teams throw the balls at each other in the hopes they strike an opposing team below the waist (no head shots). The object of the game is hit other players with the Bakugan balls so when an opposing player is hit with the ball they are considered out and must go to a designated area for out players. Teams can only use their own Bakugan balls to throw at the opposing teams. If one player is holding their own dodgeball, and another player throws their ball at that player and it is caught, that player who caught the opposing teams dodgeball eliminates the entire team from the game all at once. This is around one of play and lasts for 5 minutes (use a stop watch to count down the time). Round two of play begins with the players left from round one. Round two is played by losing limbs and not players. If a ball is thrown and strikes the left arm that player cannot use the left arm. If a player is hit in the knee that player must kneel on said knee. If a player is hit in the torso they must kneel down on one knee and only use one arm to throw.

Teammates can help protect their teammate who is in this difficult position as long as possible until round three begins. Then when a player is on one knee and is hit again they are considered out of the game. Round two ends after 5 minutes. Round three begins fresh again with the remaining players. Have each of the stand with teammates on opposite sides of the play area. One player from each team is designated the goal keeper while the other players must stand like statues. The opposite team attempts to hit the statues(players) while the purpose of the goal keeper is to keep it from happening. The goal keeper can only move to one side or the other when the ball is being thrown to protect teammates just like penalty kicks in soccer. The game end with the team with the most remaining players wins after time expires. The third round can be played between 2-5 minutes long.

Bakugan Party Supplies and Invitations will create a great deal of excitement and fun amoung the guests at the party.


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