Three Types of Polish that is Good for Your Nails

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Women sometimes face the challenge of choosing the perfect nail polish that will complement their nails. Some colors may look good on otherís nails but will not look good when applied by others. Nail polish comes in different finishes, some may be matte and some are glittery. Some may promote strengthening, growth or some even extend the life of your nails.

The kinds of nail polish hat you will apply on your nails also sometimes depend on the health of your nails. With the wide range of wholesale nail polish available, picking out the polish that suits you should no longer be a difficult feat. Here are some of the types of nail polish that might help you in choosing the right ones for your nails:

Growth Enhancing Nail Polish. This type of nail polish is formulated for weak and brittle kind of nails. This helps in preventing your nails from splitting and chipping so that you will have healthy long nails. Growth enhancing nail polish has component that contains strengthening fibers and proteins that promotes healthy growth of nails.

Quick Dry Nail Polish. There are times that you want to change your nail polish but you donít have enough time going to a parlor. You can buy cheap nail polish that is quick drying. After you are done with your nail polish you need on some waiting time before it dries up. This type of polish is designed for the gal who is always on the go.

Long Lasting Nail Polish. There are instances that after a day or week of application, your nail polish is already chipped and easily damaged. You need to have another application and this may be costly and time consuming. Long lasting nail polish protects your nails longer than ordinary nail polishes. To ensure that you will have long lasting polish be sure to apply on the top and tips of the nails.

With whatever kind nail polish you may wish to apply, make sure that it will last longer. You should apply a base polish and put top polish after you apply the nail polish that you prefer. This will help to protect your nails from discoloration and damage.

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