Three Things that You Need To Do Every Night to Stay Young and Vibrant

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Bedtime is the most important time for our skin. This is the time when our body produces HGH or Human growth Hormone, which is responsible for fixing our body. If you want to fight the signs of aging and maintain your youthful glow, there are several things that you need to do before going to bed.

Here are the three things that you need to do before going to bed, which can help you fight skin aging:

1. Before you go to bed, make sure that you remove your makeup. It has been said that a night without removing your makeup is equivalent to 8 days of skin aging. This means that if you donít remove your makeup every night for 365 days, your skin will look 8 years older. This is the reason why I always advise people to wash their faces at least twice before going to bed to ensure that you will be going to sleep with a clean face.

2. Beauty sleep wonít be called beauty sleep without a reason. If you want your body to efficiently absorb the vitamins and nutrients that you take, you need to sleep at least 8 hours every day. It will also help your body to repair itself, and bring back its lost beauty for a dayís work. Think of it as a daily maintenance of a vehicle. Without maintenance, a vehicle will look much different and rugged.

3. Always make sure that you exfoliate at least twice every week before going to bed. This will help you remove all the dead skin cells that were accumulated all throughout the week. This will also improve your blood circulation, which can help you maintain a youthful and vibrant skin. Make sure that you also apply moisturizer before going to bed, and after you exfoliate your skin.

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