Three Rules for Polite Cell Phone Use

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The advent of wholesale cell phones has made this sophisticated technology low-priced, easily available and by now, ever-present. That popularity raises the subject of cell phone civility: what are the requirements for polite cell phone usage? The following are three requirements for making wholesale cell phone usage courteous and thoughtful of others.

First, do not respond to a cell phone in the course of a meeting with another person or in a group. Although some people, especially the younger generation, have a high toleration for doing more than one thing at once, being interrupted, and redirecting attention from the people at hand, in the usual business and social situations, responding to a cell phone and disrupting the immediate discussion is not polite. Cell phone wholesalers offer styles of the product with various options that can avoid the problem: chose a cell phone and a service that can record messages; make sure you have caller i.d. and a way to keep track of "missed calls"; and be able to silence the ringer so you can ignore it. And don't think that text messaging is all right because it is silent - you are still being impolite to the real life encounter that you are having.

Two, do not yell. What is it about cell phones that makes users think they can or have to be so ear-splitting? The rest of the patrons of the pizza place or theater or book shop just do not want to overhear your conversation about your symptons of flu or ignominious social outings. Even if you use a relatively cheap wholesale cell phone, that doesn't mean you are burdened by poor sound quality - to the contrary, your caller will be able to hear you and if not, put down the phone and make the call from a different place or at a different time where reception and sound quality are better.

Third, put your cell phone down when you are required to focus on some other activity. What is more frustrating than being imprisoned in a retail store queue while some clown in front of you fumbles with their order, pauses, and pays no attention to the cashier because they are mumbling on their cell phone or text messaging like crazy? Likewise, the entire subject of utilizing a cell phone while driving is disputed, but cell phone wholesalers suggest at least the use of a microphone and ear piece while driving or engaged in other jobs that ideally require use of both hands and focused concentration.

Cell phone decorum is actually a matter of common sense. Use your cell phone in appropriate circumstances and with due respect for privacy and the concerns of others. Then you can enjoy the great features of this super electronic marvel, without guilt!

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